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Simplicity and Compliance

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Bean Box wanted to be proactive about CCPA compliance and managing risk. Our counsel recommended we look into SixFifty, which saved us a ton of custom legal work. From initial call to full implementation, it’s really been a very simple process. At Bean Box, we always strive to do the Right Thing for our customers, and SixFifty allows us to join our good intentions with strong compliance.

Matt Berk, Bean Box

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“SixFifty offered the simplest solution to our CCPA concerns, which were centered around facilitating a CCPA request and tracking it through to completion. It’s comforting to know that we have something in place to handle requests, that can scale with a growing business and growing requests, and that the first response for validation is handled by SixFifty.”

Josh Pugmire, Podium
Director of Information Security
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“At Domo, we need to be ready for the needs of the business and also provide a safe working environment for our employees. When planning for employees to Return to Work, I worried about making sure we comply with ever-changing regulatory requirements, whether they’re coming from cities, states, or the federal government. SixFifty’s Return to Work solution is integral in making sure we return to work the right way.”

Dan Stevenson, Domo
Chief Legal Officer

Affordable and Easy to Use

“Like many other HR professionals, handbook updating is a task that constantly looms over me and always feels overwhelming…I started from scratch with our handbook and within hours of using SixFifty, I had a draft. [It] is very easy to brand, change, add, customize to state laws, track changes and add comments for review by others.

The price of SixFifty was a fraction of what an attorney would have cost…I would recommend SixFifty to any business, it has made my job as an HR professional much easier…I never have to worry if my contracts or policies are out of date because the SixFifty platform will let me know!

Jolie Raufeisen - Benefits & HR Specialist, SPHR | Scale Computing

“The state-level information included in the handbook would take a legion of lawyers to stay current. There's no way a company like ours could do that credibly.”

Norm Tonina - HR Advisor | Level

Praise for Our Pro Bono Services

“I’ve been panicked since I lost my job two months ago, now I know I have a solid chance of keeping this house that my family has lived in and grown in since it was built four years ago. I just want to express so much thanks and appreciation."

Brian - Hello Lender User

"You guys are amazing! I had no access to a computer/printer and you made it possible for me to get this to my landlord via email prior to eviction hearing... I'm praying this stops the process from moving forward, as I would be living in my car with two kids and a kitty. Thank you so much for the time spent and free availability. Makes me have some faith in humanity! Coming across your project gave me a little peace of mind in uncertain times. Such an intuitive, user-friendly interface; and a priceless resource for people in need."

Nicole - Hello Landlord User

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