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The Challenge

Sabrina’s consultancy focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses establish solid HR foundations. A critical part of this process is crafting comprehensive employee handbooks and compliance documents. However, the challenge lay in dealing with clients operating in various states, each with its unique employment laws and regulations.

The problem I was looking to solve when I stumbled across SixFifty was very specifically creating a handbook for one of my clients. They had looked at a bunch of the free tools available. I had looked at a couple of tools that allowed me with my expertise to do more work, but there was nothing out there until I found SixFifty that allowed me as a consultant to have a license or a membership or to give me the ability to do this for multiple clients. I never liked the free systems. And frankly, several clients would come to me saying our HR platform offers a handbook an they would send them to me which I often found glaring errors, particularly in California labor so I was never comfortable with even recommending they use anything other than straight law firm until I found SixFifty.

The Outcome

Sabrina’s quest for a practical solution led her to SixFifty’s Employment Docs. SixFifty allowed Sabrina to conduct in-depth research on employment laws in all 50 states, generate legally sound documents, and stay on top of legal updates.

Sabrina’s adoption of SixFifty Employment Docs played a pivotal role in expanding her service offerings to clients, driving the growth of her consultancy, and delivering enhanced value to her clients.

In my first year using SixFifty, it was a definitive driver of new clients. It was a huge value add because I would be introduced to people that didn’t have anything. And when I could say to them, well, as part of your package, you’ll have a professional handbook right from the beginning of your company. I really think it was actually part of what caused a lot of those clients to sign on with me for their starting package.

Key Benefits:

  1. Efficiency and Collaboration: Sabrina likes the ease of working with documents on the SixFifty platform. The Editor tool facilitates direct edits, streamlining collaboration with clients and simplifying document updates.
  2. Centralized Client Data: SixFifty’s platform consolidates all client data, providing Sabrina with a convenient document management solution. It offers access to past work, version histories, and quick updates to meet evolving client needs.
  3. Accuracy and Compliance: Sabrina appreciates the accuracy of SixFifty’s policies and compliance documents. With the Research Center at her fingertips, she no longer relies on external sources or outdated materials.
  4. Multi-State Flexibility: As Sabrina serves clients across various states, SixFifty’s tools, such as the State Addenda and Policy Library, offer the flexibility to craft tailored handbooks that meet clients’ preferences and state-specific legal requirements.

About Sabrina Louisa Consulting

In the world of HR consulting, Sabrina Greenwood Briggs, the CEO, and Owner of Sabrina Louisa Consulting, is the go-to expert. Armed with 20 years of experience spanning counseling, policy development, compliance, and HR best practices—she’s well-versed in the complexities of human resources. Yet, like many professionals, Sabrina found herself facing a challenge that transcended her expertise: staying compliant with ever-evolving employment laws across multiple states.