Take the pain out of multi-state compliance

Up your compliance game

Become your clients' compliance expert. Get up-to-date information maintained by legal experts.

Expand your business offerings

Generate multi-state handbooks, agreements, and and apply legal updates in minutes, not days.

Delight clients, build trust

Securely share documents and collaborate with clients under your brand.

Avoid risk

Safeguard your clients from risk with federal, state, and local employment regulations and policies.

Easy-to-use employment law platform

for you—and your clients


Guide clients through state laws & policies

With access to federal and jurisdiction-specific employment regulations, policies, and legal updates—you can be a reliable source of information for your clients.

  • Make informed hiring decisions
  • Compare states side-by-side

Draft law-firm quality docs you're proud of

Just answer questions, and let SixFifty do the heavy legal lifting. We’ll guide you step-by-step to create foolproof Employee Handbooks, Agreements, Policies, and more.

  • Easily track changes and audit docs with Version History
  • Can’t answer a question? Assign it to a client

Get alerted when laws change

Receive legal updates and alerts when it’s time to take action on your documents. Leverage AI to apply legal updates to your personalized documents—in one click.

  • Legal updates from our in-house legal team
  • Information is verified by a world-class legal firm

Your brand deserves the spotlight

Elevate your brand with Client Portals, where you can securely share and collaborate on documents with your clients.

  • Enjoy a white-labeled portal experience
  • Minimize document exchange time
  • Easily share and gather information

Our suite of employment tools built for you

Access the nation's employment laws and policies at your fingertips.

Build compliant, multi-state employee handbooks in minutes.

Create contracts that comply with local laws and different worker types.

Identify laws that impact your org, compare state laws, and more.

Determine quickly if an employee position is exempt or non-exempt.

Get alerted when laws change and auto-update impacted documents.

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Frequently asked questions

What is white labeling?

White labeling allows you to brand our products and services as your own. You can add your logo, colors, and company name, providing a seamless experience for your clients. This means they can review and collaborate on documents you create with Sixfifty, all in a client portal with your branding.

How does client size impact pricing?

Pricing is determined by the number of clients you service. Access to the Sixfifty platform including client portals starts at $5,000 annually. You can increase the amount of clients you have at any time.




Can I edit and customize documents for each client?

Yes, you can generate unlimited documents and customize them based on your client’s needs and the states where they have employees. Our platform makes it easy to tailor content, ensuring compliance and relevance for all your clients.

With Client Portals, you can send client-specific documents to a unique portal for each client, allowing easy access and collaboration on the documents you’ve created for them.

Does SixFifty cover state and local regulations?

Yes, our tool provides detailed information on a county and city level for various policies. We cover paid sick leave policies for all localities that mandate them, ensuring you have the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Here is a breakdown of the localities we cover:

California: Our coverage includes specific policies for Berkeley, Emeryville, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Monica.
Illinois: We provide detailed information for Chicago and Cook County.
Minnesota: Our tool includes policies for Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and soon Bloomington.
Other Areas: We also cover Montgomery County, MD; Portland, OR; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Seattle, WA; and Tacoma, WA.

Additionally, we offer specialized coverage for certain policies in major localities:

San Francisco: Military Leave, Public Health Emergency Leave, and EEO policy regarding protected characteristics.
Chicago: Sexual Harassment and Training Policy, and EEO policy.
New York City: Domestic Violence Policy, Crime Victims Leave policy, Sexual Harassment and Training Policy, and aspects of the NY paid sick leave policy.
Westchester County, NY: Domestic Violence policy and components of the NY paid sick leave policy.
Philadelphia: Domestic Violence policy.
Seattle: EEO Policy protected characteristics.
Oakland: Supplemental Paid Sick Leave policy, included in the California Supplemental Paid Sick Leave policy.

Our platform is designed to help you navigate the complexities of compliance with local policies, ensuring you have the necessary information for each specific area.

Can I add a new state to an existing handbook?

To add a new state to an existing handbook, you can use our State Addenda tool. This tool allows you to generate an addendum for the new state and attach it to your existing handbook. If the handbook was created using Sixfifty, you can also simply edit your answers within the platform and regenerate the updated handbook, and it will add in the new state information.

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