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Increase opportunities, efficiency, and offerings through unlimited license, white labeling, and industry specific options.

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Offer value through owning the entire customer relationship and being supported by leadership on the legal automation space.

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Add value through pricing discounts, professional development opportunities such as CLE & SHRM credits, and access to multiple market segments.

Partner testimonials

“Building trust with customers starts with transparent communication on how you use their data. We’ve found that SixFifty not only believes in that mission, but our products working together make it easier than ever for companies to pursue it as well.”

Daniel Barber
CEO and Co-Founder, DataGrail

“Small businesses are America's growth engine. At Zenefits we are passionate about leveling the playing field for them, and we do that with an ecosystem of like-minded, nimble technology and services partners like SixFifty. Together, we put great tools and exceptional expertise within reach.”

Andrea Shannon
VP Business Development, Zenefits

“SixFifty allows me to focus on more of the strategic areas of my job…we work with a lot of startups to create their foundation of HR processes, policies, et cetera…using a tool like SixFifty has allowed us to do that a lot faster.”

Sarah Wilkins
COO, Reverb

Products in our referral program

Employment Docs
Privacy Docs
Business Docs
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The employment landscape has changed considerably over the last two years. Embrace the current era of employment with SixFifty.  Learn how integrating premier legal expertise with automation allows companies to generate top tier employment documents. SixFifty’s Employment Docs include:

  • Employment Agreements: Offer letters, employee contracts, non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, and more.
  • Employment Handbook and Policies: Over 70 lawyer-approved policies, DEI program, and customizable 50-state or universal handbook options.
  • For more details, see our product pages.

As an increasing number of consumers adopt digital technologies, data privacy laws are evolving at an equally rapid pace. California, Virginia, Colorado, and Utah have adopted rigid privacy laws that companies need to be aware of. Likewise, Europe and China have issued new laws that affect privacy standards across the globe. SixFifty’s Privacy Docs include:

Companies of all sizes require a variety of corporate and commercial legal documents to operate their business. Whether you are looking to upgrade or supplement your current legal forms, every document in SixFifty’s Business Docs is customizable to the specific needs of your business.

  • Fully customizable and continually updated
  • À la carte and subscription models available

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