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Foresite Capital & SixFifty

SixFifty helped set employee policies with confidence for Foresite Capital Management, a venture capital firm investing in people, ideas, and discoveries in the life sciences and healthcare space. With an impressive team of scientists, clinicians, engineers, and analysts, their offices span nationwide, with 60 employees residing in 12 states in between.

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Hatch & SixFifty

After exponential growth, Hatch is quickly growing their suite of smart sleep products. With employees spanning 15 states and 2 countries, writing employee contracts has become increasingly complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. With SixFifty's software, Hatch's Head of People Operations now creates a new legal document for any state in minutes, without expensive legal expertise.

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Reverb + SixFifty

Acting as interim and fractional HR, Reverb is tasked with helping startups and businesses get up to speed with processes and policies— a daunting task by itself. With over 60 employees across 13 different states—including consultants, and over 200 active clients SixFifty has helped Reverb in their efforts to maintain compliance from state to state.

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