The law is for everyone

It belongs to us—the same as public parks and libraries. But it doesn’t feel that way.

For most people, the law feels like something indifferent to them, or even hostile. It’s too expensive, too complicated, not accessible.

It belongs to all of us

That’s why SixFifty devotes part of our time and resources to creating free legal tools for people who can’t afford attorneys. We believe that technology should make the law more accessible to all of us. Because it belongs to all of us.

Our current free pro bono tools include

Identity 650

Identity 650

SixFifty’s free tool helps Utahns create the paperwork they need to legally change their name, gender marker, or both. We also help you use your court order to update your ID and other legal documents.

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Ukrainian Temporary Protected Status

SixFifty automated the application paperwork for Temporary Protected Status and Asylum. Our tools are built in English and Ukrainian, can be used by applicants and their attorneys/preparers, and are 100% free.

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HelloLandlord is a free tool that helps renters write to their landlords if they’ve missed rent. The goal is to help renters avoid eviction while maintaining a good relationship so they can stay in their homes.

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HelloLender is a free tool that helps borrowers write a letter to their loan servicer to delay making mortgage payments. The government provided this relief for homeowners during COVID-19.

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HelloLandlord and HelloLender letters generated


Name and Gender Marker change applications generated


Asylum applications generated


Temporary Protected Status applications generated

What we've done

A highlight of some of the work we've done over the last two years with our pro bono tools.

Why we do it

“I’ve been panicked since I lost my job 2 months ago, now I have a solid chance of keeping this house that my family has lived in and grown in since it was built 4 years ago. I just want to express so much thanks and appreciation.”

HelloLender User

“You guys are amazing! I had no access to a computer/printer and you made it possible for me to get this to my landlord via email prior to eviction hearing on 9/14. Thank you so much for the time spent and free availability. Makes me have some faith in humanity! Coming across your project gave me a little peace of mind in uncertain times. Such an intuitive, user friendly interface; and a priceless resource for people in need.”

HelloLandlord User

Want to help?

SixFifty partners with law firms, in-house teams, and Legal Service Organizations to identify and solve legal problems in communities across the U.S. Send an email to to see how we can partner.