Everything you need for a smooth employment separation

50-State Separation Kit

We’ve done the research for you, providing an easy-to-understand blueprint for separating from employees in any state.

Separation Acknowledgement

Capture the date and reason for separation, remind employees of any ongoing obligations, and provide required legal notices. If you aren’t entering a separation and release agreement, our Separation Acknowledgment is the perfect solution to clearly document the separation for peace of mind.

Separation and Release Agreement

Create a customized separation and release agreement to provide a departing employee with compensation like severance pay or garden leave in exchange for a general release of claims against the company. A well-written separation arbitration agreement can also protect your organization in other ways, including securing the employee’s agreement to arbitrate any future disputes and to keep company information confidential.

Part ways with confidence

Move faster

Quickly see employee separation requirements by state and generate the documents you need to separate.

Ensure compliance

Enhance your business's protection and operational efficiency with impactful, legally compliant documents.

Think beyond templates

Generic templates put your business at risk. SixFifty's document engine builds tailored documents to meet your needs.

Reduce costs

Benefit from law-firm quality documents without the hassle and expense of a law firm or your valuable time.

Protect your business and employees

Easily compare the separation requirements you must meet by state with our 50-State Separation Kit. Safeguard your business and employees while parting ways to ensure a smooth and effective transition.

Maintain comprehensive documentation

Managing employee communication during separations can be sensitive and challenging. Our solution ensures HR teams have essential legal documentation while navigating this process.

See SixFifty in action

Watch this 7-minute overview of Employment Docs to see how teams use SixFifty to automate the creation of legal documents.


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What makes SixFifty special?

“The product has been so easy to use. I've created three offer letters, employment agreements, and a new employee handbook in the last few weeks. Having the ability to put these things together in compliance with specific state laws puts my mind at ease and allows me to make sure we're offering our staff everything they're entitled to.”

Judy Blair
Diversity City Group

“The value of what we’re getting with SixFifty is so great. It’s the legal tool we use for all of our contracts, onboarding, offboarding—anything that has to do with employment at Hatch. And it keeps us compliant and up-to-date.”

Melanie Wagner
Head of People Operations, Hatch

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