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Our library is continually growing and expanding as we identify the documents that are most valuable to businesses of various industries. Browse our current list of available documents below.

Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • General Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • B2B SaaS Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Life Sciences Non-Disclosure Agreement
Advisors, consultants & contractors
  • General Advisor Agreement
  • Scientific Advisor Agreement
  • General Consulting Agreement
  • Life Sciences Consulting Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Independent Sales Representative Agreement
  • Proprietary Information & Invention Assignment Agreement
General commercial
  • Website Terms of Use
  • Website Privacy Notice
  • Services Agreement
  • Master Services Agreement
  • Master Subscription Agreement
  • Referral Agreement
  • Trademark / Copyright License Agreement
  • Joint Development Agreement
  • Material Transfer Agreement
  • Equipment Purchase Agreement
  • Equipment Lease Agreement
  • Basic Written Agreement
  • Basic Letter Agreement
  • Media Release
  • General Liability Release
  • Late Payment Collection Letter Series
Negotiation documents
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Letter of Intent
  • Term Sheet
Amendments, notices & consents
  • Amendment to Agreement
  • Notice of Renewal
  • Notice of Non-Renewal
  • Notice of Change of Contact Information
  • Notice of Termination Without Cause
  • Notice of Termination For Cause
  • Notice of Abandoned Property
  • Notice of Assignment
  • Request for Consent to Assignment of Agreement
  • Consent to Assignment
  • Assignment and Assumption of Agreement
  • Waiver of Contract Rights
  • Termination Agreement
  • Mutual Rescission of Contract & Release
Governance, equity & finance
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • Unanimous Board Consent
  • Secretary’s Certificate
  • Manager’s Certificate
  • Equity Award Plan
  • Equity Award Agreement
  • Convertible Note
  • SAFE Note
Contract provision library
  • Non-Competition Provision
  • Non-Solicitation Provision
  • Indemnification Provision
  • Limitation of Liability Provision
  • Dispute Resolution Provision
  • Term & Termination Provision
  • Force Majeure Provision

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