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Empowering People, Building Culture.

That’s the tagline and ethos of Reverb, a Seattle-based People Operations firm that provides flexible HR for fast-growing companies across the United States. Reverb has a team of about 60 wonderful people spread across 13 different states—including talented HR consultants. With over 200 active clients spread across the US, Reverb is a trusted and respected name. Paying homage to their own namesake, Reverb believes that every decision a leader makes reverberates throughout the organization. Acting as interim and fractional HR, Reverb is tasked with helping startups and businesses get up to speed with processes and policies— a daunting task by itself. This is where SixFifty came into the picture.

“We were Washington-based before the pandemic, but since then we’ve hired in 13 different states.”

Reverb found SixFifty through word of mouth and it’s been a fruitful partnership ever since. SixFifty has helped Reverb in their efforts to maintain compliance from state to state.

Clients Everywhere! SixFifty Addresses a Key Need

Sarah Wilkins, COO at Reverb, says that having so many clients distributed across various states spurred the need for SixFifty. That need was compliance. Wilkins decided to use SixFifty’s employee policy assessment to ascertain what policies are required on a state-by-state basis. Completing the employee policy assessment, Wilkins remarked that she loves how quickly the assessment allowed her to have the necessary insights into various states’ compliance laws and, moreover, how those insights helped inform her decision making.

“The theme kept coming up that we needed more compliance.” — Sarah Wilkins, COO

“We work with a lot of startups to create their foundation of HR processes, policies, et cetera . . . using a tool like SixFifty has allowed us to do that a lot faster,” Wilkins said. The ease of use of the SixFifty platform really appealed to Wilkins and she knew she made the right decision by partnering with SixFifty.

Create the legal documents you need to hire people in all 50 states.

What a Breeze: State Policies Made Easy by SixFifty

Before using SixFifty, Wilkins would—for example— research various leave laws by state and, even, city. What would quickly become apparent is that this intensive research had become a time-consuming headache; tediously combing through various state and city laws was cumbersome and labyrinth.

Wilkins said that by using SixFifty’s tool, she could know what was required in each jurisdiction easily, quickly, and readily. What Wilkins can provide her clients, through SixFifty, is a compliant employee handbook that comports with specific state laws.

“We do an annual engagement survey … the theme kept coming up that we needed more compliance and state-specific resources because we were being asked to do a lot more outside the state of Washington,” said Wilkins.

Originally, Wilkins had turned to a free and generic handbook builder. However, she noted it was not user-friendly and was limited in its functionality and customization. Wilkins appreciates that SixFifty is user-friendly, allowing her to generate a compliant employee handbook. Especially important is how she was able to provide this handbook to her startup clients, who also appreciated the format of the SixFifty-generated handbook.

SixFifty: A Dream Come True

Wilkins became aware of SixFifty after a tip from a consultant. Using SixFifty’s platform to generate compliant documents for her clients, Wilkins remarked one of her favorite functionalities was the ability to refresh her documents whenever the law changes. (Hint: it’s pretty often!) Before SixFifty, Wilkins operated in a piecemeal fashion. Working directly with a compliance firm and an employment attorney, Wilkins felt as if she were being reactive rather than proactive. With SixFifty, Wilkins says she’s been able to act strategically and get out in front of anticipated obstacles.

“SixFifty has allowed me to focus on more of the strategic areas of my job.” — Sarah Wilkins, COO

Having a one-stop place to understand what’s required from a policy standpoint has been tremendously useful to Wilkins and the Reverb team at large. Said enthusiastically by one of Reverb’s own consultants, “SixFifty is a dream come true.” . . . We’re just happy to be part of that dream!

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