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Launched in 2014 and is a leader in infant sleep products.

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Located in 2 countries and across 15 different states.

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From newborns to adults, everyone feels better after a good night of sleep—so it’s easy to see why Hatch has seen so much success since its launch in 2014.

The brand was originally inspired by new parents and babies, but now the company offers a full suite of smart sleep products that help people of all ages develop and maintain natural, healthy rest habits.

To date, Hatch has helped more than half a million families sleep better—and they’re just getting started. The company has grown exponentially in eight years, fueled in part by their feature on “Shark Tank” in 2016. Today, the company has more than 100 employees, and they’re hiring new employees, interns, and contractors on a monthly basis.

Create the legal documents you need to hire people in all 50 states.

Contracts Bring About… More Contracts

With employees spanning 15 states and two countries, writing employee contracts has become increasingly complicated, time-consuming, and expensive for Hatch. And as the company has grown, they’ve also become more concerned with compliance—meaning their one generic contract template no longer cuts it.

In their initial effort to ramp up compliance, Hatch decided to hire an employment lawyer to create specific contracts for every type of employee, including interns, full-time employees, part-time employees, and contractors. But the move quickly proved to be unsustainable.

“It was getting really, really expensive going with the employment lawyer,” said Melanie Wagner, head of People Operations at Hatch.

“We had a contract written up specifically for someone we were terminating in Florida. The expense to get that one contract was crazy. So we realized we couldn’t do that for every single one.” After paying upwards of $500 an hour for employment contracts in new states, Hatch’s law counsel and SixFifty’s legal partner recommended they give SixFifty a try.Much to their delight, the return on investment was immediate.

“We’ve been using SixFifty happily ever since,” said Wagner. “I now use it for every contract.”

When Hatch relocated their company across the country to Menlo Park, California, they also started hiring a remote workforce. This transition created a pivotal need for affordable and efficient legal expertise.

Today, Hatch uses the Employee Handbook and Employment Agreements tools to hire employees all over the country. Wagner said she uses SixFifty every day, and loves that it spoon-feeds her the updates and legal information she needs to stay current on the latest state policies.

“What I really like about SixFifty is that I don’t have to be a lawyer,” Wagner said. “I don’t have to memorize [[[[laws and policies]]]]. But I can keep up and not be ignorant to the changes.”

Among interns, contractors, and full-time employees, Hatch is currently hiring five to ten employees every month.

Because their contracts vary for W2 vs. 1099 employees, the rapid growth could be enough to completely overwhelm any HR department. But SixFifty has streamlined the process and drastically lightened Wagner’s load.

“I am the sole person for contracts, so [[[[SixFifty has]]]] solved a lot of anxiety for me,” Wagner said. “It’s like help for dummies, and I’m a dummy (when it comes to employment law).”

Bringing peace of mind during Covid

During the height of the pandemic, Hatch also relied on SixFifty for the latest changes to COVID-19 work policies. They used the Return-to-Work tool to generate back-to-office policies, comply with vaccination and testing mandates, and assess their back-to-office readiness.

“I don’t have to think about updates in laws in different states—I love that,” said Wagner.

SixFifty’s Return-to-Work tool also generates telecommuting policies that keep Hatch compliant in the ever-changing landscape of modern remote work. They can easily create policies surrounding home office reimbursement, COVID sick leave, travel policies, and more.

Spreading the good word

Wagner said Hatch isn’t the only company loving SixFifty. She sees SixFifty’s products recommended left and right among online communities in the industry. “The word-of-mouth marketing is very strong,” she said. And it’s easy for her to see why.

“The value of what we’re getting (with SixFifty) is so great,” Wagner said. “It’s the legal tool we use for all of our contracts, onboarding, offboarding—anything that has to do with employment at Hatch. And it keeps us compliant and up-to-date.”

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