Navigating the privacy compliance maze

If anyone can handle shifting data privacy laws, it’s Sheri Jones. With 20 years of legal experience, she’s worked as a counselor, litigator, investigator, and now at Trajector Disability. Still, staying compliant with rapidly changing privacy laws across the nation is more than Jones can handle on her own. Trajector faces immense pressure due to changing state laws and sensitive customer data. SixFifty arrived when Trajector needed an affordable, efficient compliance solution.

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The Challenge

Early on, Trajector’s small legal team managed compliance easily. Growth complicated things, dealing with state laws like California’s CPRA, and expanding to various states. Compliance was tricky due to unclear applicability and constant changes.

Trajector navigates various state data privacy laws, opting to comply across the board due to sensitive data. The struggle grew as more laws loomed.

Seeking a solution, Trajector encountered several solutions that were well out of their price range, with start-up fees upwards of $100,000. Despite the exponential costs, these tools still didn’t deliver the legal documents they really needed.

“These companies were astronomically more expensive than SixFifty,
they had huge price tags, but only really accomplished one part of the process of compliance.”

Jones said they even paid outside counsel $10,000 just to consider one sentence in one contract. A budget like that for data privacy compliance would clearly be unsustainable, so when Jones learned about SixFifty, she immediately took an interest.

“The fact that we’re getting this analysis of 15+ laws with constant updates for a very reasonable yearly fee— it saves us tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.”

When Jones learned about SixFifty, she immediately took an interest. With SixFifty, Jones could leverage a simple question-and-answer format to comply with data privacy laws across the country—and the price point couldn’t be beaten.

The Outcome

Now, Jones says it’s hard to imagine doing her job without SixFifty. Though she’s learned a lot about data privacy laws in her day-to-day work, she still considers the tool an essential part of staying compliant. “I’m not a complete novice, but the laws still aren’t straightforward,” Jones said. “So it’s a remarkable tool—to make something that isn’t straightforward so comprehensible and accomplishable.”

Peace of mind with SixFifty Support

Jones especially appreciates the hands-on customer service she gets from her account representatives. She said they’re always incredibly responsive and available to answer her questions at a moment’s notice.

“They’ll hop on a call or they’ll answer by email right away,” Jones said. “It’s just amazing. It’s an amazing resource.”

Trajector has used SixFifty to create 17 privacy documents in the 5 months since becoming a customer. They’ve saved countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars by not having to rely on outside counsel. But perhaps the greatest benefit is the peace of mind, thanks to ongoing updates from SixFifty’s legal team.

“I just don’t even know what we would do if I hadn’t found SixFifty because these new laws are coming online every day, if I didn’t get those little updates then we would quickly be out of compliance. It’s just not something our team can stay on top of without this kind of support.”

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