SixFifty x Plexcity: At a glance


clients served by Plexcity HR practitioners


state coverage of employment laws for their clients


hours saved per year updating handbooks

“Just researching the policies that are required for any given state for a client would take me about an hour. With SixFifty, that piece now takes me seconds.”

– Leia White, VP of HR and Payroll, Plexcity


The challenge

Manually updating employee handbooks is an expensive chore for HR consultants

Leia White, VP of HR and Payroll at Plexcity, is responsible for the HR & Payroll functions at Plexity, which, as you can imagine, is a pretty significant load.

In addition to being the dedicated in-house HR person for Plexcity, she and her team serve approximately 30 clients, providing a full suite of back-office services to credit union-related organizations nationwide, including, drafting policies, employment documents, and handbooks. This means staying on top of ever-changing employment laws in all the states where her clients have employees.

“There was no real way to manage that many handbooks for clients with employees across the country unless we had a dedicated ‘attorney brain’ to keep these up-to-date,” White, said.

How SixFifty gives Leia White hours back in her day

In fact, it was so complex that Plexcity couldn’t truly offer customized handbooks that accounted for state-by-state employment law differences.

“Before me, we were providing a simplified handbook service, but we had a lot fewer clients at the time, so it was a little bit easier of an ask than it is today,” said White. “I was looking for a way to provide a service that was valuable to them while also using our resources and our time efficiently.”

White and Plexcity found that opportunity with SixFifty.

The solution

Plexcity offloaded complex compliance work to SixFifty so they could focus on growing their business

By using SixFifty Employment Docs to manage employee handbooks and policy updates, White could work smarter, not harder.

This enabled Plexcity HR to offer its clients compliant employment documents (covering everything from hiring to separation) at a fraction of the cost and speed it would have taken to create them.

“Knowing that the platform is attorney-backed and reviewed on a regular basis gives me the confidence to be able to provide my clients with that information,” said White. “Prior to that, I was trying to piecemeal this handbook service together, looking on the internet for whatever I can find. It was time-consuming.”

The impact

Plexcity was able to expand compliance offerings—while cutting 100s of hours from their workload

A can-do attitude is essential for the most successful HR leaders—and White has that quality in spades. But to grow a successful business, you must know when to work smarter, not harder.

With SixFifty as her HR platform of choice for creating handbooks, policies, and agreements for clients, White has been able to do just that and say goodbye to hours per month spent on manual research.

“If our clients are looking for us to update their handbooks annually, bi-annually, whatever the frequency—it’s a huge undertaking,” White said. “And we don’t have the capacity nor the expertise to hire the amount of staff that it would take to update those on that frequency. So for us, having a tool that allows us to offer something that’s valuable to our clients was hugely beneficial.”