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The Challenge

When ServiceMaster went through a major acquisition earlier this year, they knew they needed help researching compliance information on hiring and separation in different states. After all, the company went from having employees in just one state (California) to 23 states spanning from coast to coast. The bevy of new remote workers meant they’d need to create compliant hiring kits, but the job was simply too much for their HR manager, Keisha Wright, to tackle on her own. Due to these constraints on time and resources, Wright said the company initially thought about hiring a consultant to research and create each state hiring guide.

“We were at that stage of needing someone to tell us exactly what needs to go in each packet and to make sure that we were compliant in each state.”

The Outcome

To date, the ServiceMaster team has used SixFifty to create three universal employee handbooks for California, New York, and New Hampshire, along with addendums for 10 other states. SixFifty’s intuitive automation technology has effectively streamlined what was once a time-consuming, laborious process.

Of course, the move would’ve cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, Wright came across SixFifty before they took action.

“The cost of SixFity [for a year] was less than one month of a consultant to do the same work,” Wright said. “I had a million other things I needed to do so this gave me something I could trust to find the information and pull it together. It was just so easy.”

ServiceMaster was hooked by SixFifty’s Hiring and Separation Docs, and the Employee Handbook Module served as the cherry on top. “We were trying to figure out ways to save time,” Wright said. “Plus, we get a new handbook out of this—and all the ongoing updates!” said Wright. “It was exactly what we were looking for.”

Simplifying hiring and separation processes

“The Hiring Kit makes it so easy for us to pull what we need for each state where we hire or acquire,” Wright said. “I need to know what the laws are when we expand into new states.” Now, the company is up to date on the laws and regulations in every state where its employees reside. If the law changes, they’ll get a notification outlining the details, along with a recommended course of action.

Wright said that all of SixFifty’s employment tools are invaluable, especially since the organization had concerns about staying updated on how to handle employee separation across so many states. She said the format is concise and straightforward—just the way she likes it. “The Separation Kit helps us easily handle sensitive state issues like terminations.”

About ServiceMaster

When fires, floods, and earthquakes hit, the ServiceMaster team is first on the scene. As a disaster cleanup company, staying calm in the wake of calamity isn’t just their job—it’s their top priority. Although they encounter risky situations every day, they aren’t taking any chances when it comes to compliance with employment law.