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What's Included

Offer Letter

SixFifty Offer Letter documents are fully customizable and help companies protect their interests while complying with employment laws, such as notice requirements for restrictive covenants.

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Employee Contract

This governs your relationship with employees. It Includes provisions for at-will employment, confidentiality, invention assignment, non-compete, non-solicitation, and more.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

SixFifty’s NDA tool can be used in unique circumstances, such as disclosing information to potential employees or independent contractors. It's robust, but not over-reaching.

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Independent Contractor Agreement

SixFifty’s Independent Contractor Agreement includes indemnification, assignment of intellectual property, contractor responsibilities, and more.

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More to Come

We will continue to add to our Employment Agreements as we identify other aspects of employment that can be optimized.





Employment Agreements Made Easy

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Download SixFifty's Free Guide to NDAs, Non-Competes, and Non-Solicits

In 2021 alone there were 65+ non-compete bills introduced in 25
different states spanning the political spectrum from Mississippi to Vermont.

Need help understanding non-competes and other "restrictive covenants?"
Download SixFifty's free guide: "How to Protect Your Company through
Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, and Non-Solicitation Agreements."

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