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As privacy regulations in the United States and Europe continue to evolve, navigatingcompliance can be daunting. With SixFifty, you can draft the necessary legal documentation to ensure compliance with major privacy laws worldwide.

States with data privacy laws

As of May 2024, 17 states enforce privacy laws, and Maryland is set to join soon. This trend has spurred at least thirteen other states to consider privacy bills in their legislatures.

A single set of compliance docs for all 50 states

All of the documents, assessments, and topics covered in US Privacy

US Privacy Notice

This document both describes your organization’s general privacy practices and discloses the specifics about how you handle US residents’ personal data. It is designed to be posted on your website as your organization’s general privacy notice (sometimes referred to as a privacy policy). This notice is compliant with the consumer privacy laws currently in effect in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, Virginia, Texas, Oregon, Montana, Iowa, Delaware, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Nebraska.

Record Retention Policy

Create a policy that outlines how your organization creates, stores, and destroys information and documents. Include a record retention schedule specifying the retention periods for various documents.

US Data Handling Addendum—Controller/Processor

This Data Processing Agreement is between your business and your vendor/service provider, intended as an attachment to a Master Services Agreement.

US Data Handling Policy—Controller/Processor

In compliance with various state privacy laws, this tool helps you create a policy for how your organization’s employees should handle personal data. This internal document should be available to individuals within your company.

US Data Protection Assessment

This document memorializes your analysis of whether high-risk activities, like selling personal information, are justified.

US Data Protection Assessment Quiz

 Use this quiz to determine if you need a full Data Protection Assessment for a particular use of personal information. Generally, these assessments are required only for high-risk activities, such as selling personal information.

Research (included libraries)
  • Privacy Laws by State
  • Privacy Request Responses
  • Ongoing Legal Privacy Updates
Cookie Policy

Generate a Cookie Policy to inform your customers about how your organization uses cookies on its website and/or app.

California HR Privacy Notice

This notice details how your company handles the personal information of California employees, contractors, former employees, and job applicants. It explains their rights under the law. The text should be available to your employees and contractors, such as in an employee handbook, on the company intranet, job postings, and termination paperwork. Review thoroughly before posting to ensure compliance.

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