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Colorado Privacy Act

SixFifty will help you remain compliant with Colorado’s recent privacy law, the CPA. Intuitive, easy to use, and affordable, our platform will keep you up to date with all necessary documents.


What is the CPA?

The Colorado Privacy Act (“CPA”) establishes a fundamental right to privacy for Colorado consumers. Enacted in 2021, the spirit of the CPA is to foremost protect consumers, but it also encourages businesses to be responsible custodians and stewards of their customers’ data. The CPA will take full legal effect on July 1, 2023.

How do we comply?

SixFifty can help. To comply with Colorado’s new law, companies need to document compliance, analyze the costs and benefits of how they handle data, and handle consumer requests.

Solutions for the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA)

We provide solutions in the following areas to help your organization comply with Colorado's new law.

CPA Documents

CPA Documents

Generate the documents you need quickly and affordably.

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CCPA Data Mapping

Data Mapping

Our system simplifies mapping out
where all your data lives.

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CCPA Data Requests


Custom online portal to manage and
respond to consumer requests.

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Free CPA Resources

CPA Applicability


Take our 4 question quiz to see if your business has to comply with the CPA.

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CPA Information

Information Sheet

Learn more about the CPA and how it applies to your business.


Explore privacy solutions by state

Looking for privacy documents for the CPRA, VCDPA or all-in-one? SixFifty offers software subscriptions by individual state in addition to All US Privacy.


Virginia (VCDPA)

Intuitive, easy to use, and affordable, our platform will keep you up to date on the VCDPA.

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California (CPRA)

Ready for the CPRA? With SixFifty, you can draft the compliance paperwork you need to comply within a few hours.

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All US Privacy

Cover all current and upcoming US Privacy Laws in one single set of customized compliance documents.

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