The CCPA and the CPRA Made Easy.

Remaining compliant with the CCPA and the CPRA is complex, expensive, and stressful. SixFifty delivers a streamlined, affordable, and easy-to-use platform that helps you stay compliant with California privacy laws.


CCPA and CPRA Employee Training

To comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act and the California Privacy Rights Act, companies should: (1) create compliance documents, (2) map consumer data flow, (3) collect and manager consumer requests, and (4) train relevant employees on the CCPA and the CPRA.

CCPA Documents

CCPA and CPRA Documents

Generate the documents you need
quickly and affordably.

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CCPA Data Mapping

Data Mapping

Our system simplifies mapping out
where all your data lives.

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CCPA Data Requests


Custom online portal to manage and
respond to consumer requests.

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CCPA Employee Training


Engaging and digestible training to educate your team on the CCPA and the CPRA.

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Free CCPA and CPRA Tools

CCPA Applicability

CCPA and CPRA Applicability

Take our 4 question quiz to see if your business has to comply with the CCPA and CPRA.

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CCPA to CPRA checklist

CCPA to CPRA Compliance Checklist

Already a CCPA customer and unsure of next steps? View our CCPA to CPRA checklist.

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CCPA / CPRA Assessment

CCPA and CPRA Assessment

Need CCPA and CPRA help? Let us assess what steps your company needs to take to comply.

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