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Do you know when current laws go into effect?

January 1, 2023
California Consumer Privacy Act (CPRA)

January 1, 2023
Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA)

July 1, 2023
Colorado Privacy Act (CPA)

July 1, 2023
Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CTDPA)

December 31, 2023
Utah Consumer Privacy Act (UCPA)

5 More Bills in Progress

Navigate the patchwork of privacy laws

As of today, individual states decide the policies of their data privacy laws. SixFifty’s first-of-its-kind solution can create a single set of customized compliance documents that cover the requirements of each individual law. The documents include an internal privacy policy, website notice, data processing agreement, and data impact assessment.


Future-proof your data privacy program

California, Colorado, Virginia, Utah, and Connecticut have all passed data privacy regulations in the past five years. Several other states are expected to pass similar laws soon. As more laws pass, SixFifty will update your subscription and incorporate new regulations into the paperwork. No additional costs required.


How it works

    • Take our free assessment to determine the data privacy laws your company must comply with and meet with our team to purchase a subscription to All US Privacy by SixFifty.
    • • Generate a set of privacy compliance documents for the laws applicable to your business, or documents specific to any one data privacy law in the U.S.
    • • Get notified when a law has changed and you need to refresh your documents.

  • Data Mapping

    Our system simplifies mapping outwhere all your data lives.

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  • Compliance Documents

    Generate the documents you need quickly and affordably.

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  • Requests

    Custom online portal to manage and respond to consumer requests.

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Create complex privacy documents quickly and easily.


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Explore privacy solutions by state

Looking for privacy documents for the CPRA, CPA or VCDPA only? SixFifty offers software subscriptions by individual state in addition to All US Privacy.

California (CPRA)

Ready for the CPRA? With SixFifty, you can draft the compliance paperwork you need to comply within a few hours.

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Virginia (VCDPA)

Intuitive, easy to use, and affordable, our platform will keep you up to date on the VCDPA.

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Colorado (CPA)

The CPA goes into effect July 1, 2023. We'll help guide you through all the necessary steps to become compliant.

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