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SixFifty builds partnerships on the idea that businesses succeed as they participate and share with each other.

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Why partner with SixFifty?


Close More Deals

SixFifty provides tools and resources at a discount to your customers, or you can leverage our tools to increase your offerings. Our tools are assets in your negotiations.                                                            


Build Stronger Relationships

SixFifty’s solutions are constantly updated in real time, making our contracts, policies, and documents always up-to-date so your customers can be too. Rest assured that our partnership will support your customers through all legal updates.


Generate New Leads

  • SixFifty’s automation process allows legal and HR teams to decrease the time spent on research and document creation by half. This opens new areas for our partners.


Get Insider Access

  • Knowing how to navigate the changing legal landscape is difficult. A partnership with SixFifty gives your organization access to joint webinars, marketing, and events that keep you in-the-know

A Word From Our Partners


"Building trust with customers starts with transparent communication on how you use their data. We’ve found that SixFifty not only believes in that mission, but our products working together make it easier than ever for companies to pursue it as well."

Daniel Barber, CEO and Co-Founder, DataGrail


“Small businesses are America's growth engine. At Zenefits we are passionate about leveling the playing field for them, and we do that with an ecosystem of like-minded, nimble technology and services partners like SixFifty. Together, we put great tools and exceptional expertise within reach.”

Andrea Shannon, VP Business Development, Zenefits


“SixFifty allows me to focus on more of the strategic areas of my job…we work with a lot of startups to create their foundation of HR processes, policies, et cetera…using a tool like SixFifty has allowed us to do that a lot faster.”

Sarah Wilkins, COO, Reverb

Companies who have bought SixFifty's Solutions through our amazing partners

Partner Benefits

SixFifty’s partners have access to resources needed to be successful. As a SixFifty partner you will have access to business and marketing resources to help you grow your business

  1. Go to Market Support

    Whether you are referring, reselling, or integrating with SixFifty, we have resources available to help you be successful. Partners have access to dedicated sales and marketing resources focused on enabling effective communication of our joint value proposition.

  2. Sales Tools

    Sales training, demo support, deal registrations, and more are available to help your team get up to speed and helping your customers

  3. Support

    We’ve dedicated a team of professionals exclusively to our partners.  Our Partner Success Team is dedicated to enabling partners to be effective and efficient. They help identify what success looks like between us, then work like crazy to get us there. They are SixFifty’s secret weapon.

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Product Information and Downloads

handbook policies

Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks and policies for the new way we work. We teamed up with the top employment law firm in the nation to teach a computer to write employment policies like a lawyer would. The result:over 60 policiesthat account for the law in every state, customized to your business.

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employment agreements

Employment Agreements

Draft employment agreements for all 50 states: offer letters, employee contracts, NDAs, independent contractor agreements, and more.
  • COVID and RTW

Return to Work and COVID-19 workplace policies Employers have never faced a challenge like COVID. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. We partnered with the employment experts at Wilson Sonsini to help you (1) assess your back-to-work readiness, (2) generate the back-to-work policies and other documents you need, and (3) track employee health so you can keep sick employees at home.

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  • Cal/OSHA

  • Effective November 30, California employers must adopt a Written COVID-19 Prevention Program. SixFifty will help you (1) generate a compliance assessment, (2) draft the legal paperwork you need to show your compliance, (3) train your employees on the new standards, and (4) screen with your workforce to avoid future outbreaks.

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  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • SixFifty worked with the employment experts at Wilson Sonsini to help you (1) assess your diversity and inclusion efforts, (2) build a plan to make progress, (3) implement your action items, and (4) keep your plans up to date.

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Privacy Compliance

Manage your privacy compliance for the data you collect from California and Europe. Our user-friendly dashboard minimizes the time and pain of building your own custom solution and is powered by the expertise of Wilson Sonsini.

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