Every company needs legal documents. Whether it’s a scrappy entrepreneur just starting out, or a seasoned executive steering a corporation through its next stage, companies need documents for legal coverage. In turn, SixFifty is introducing business documents to assist business owners with documents such as; commercial contracts, governance documents, financing agreements, terms of use, and more make a business run and keep it safe from costly mistakes. Without them, everything else grinds to a halt.

But learning the legal requirements, and chasing down the associated paperwork, doesn’t need to eat up valuable time. With SixFifty introducing business documents, you can access a comprehensive library of legal documents for one annual subscription fee or à la carte in the Sixfifty Marketplace. Our intuitive platform asks smart questions and makes filling out fields a breeze, giving you more time to focus on building your business.

World-class legal expertise for a fraction of the cost

The legal hoops business owners are required to jump through vary by industry, size, state, and even county or municipality. And it’s only becoming more complicated: emerging requirements on overtime pay and privacy disclosures are creating additional compliance requirements, to name only two. Staying abreast of the law can seem like a full-time job in and of itself, leaving little bandwidth for running an actual enterprise.

That’s where SixFifty comes in. Our team of top-tier legal minds continuously tracks the latest developments in commercial law and compliance. We offer world-class legal documents to businesses of every size, for a fraction of the price of retaining counsel.

With SixFifty Business Docs, you get the common-denominator corporate and commercial legal documents that every business needs—all fully customizable to the needs of your company. Our automated process walks you through the same questions and analysis used by top attorneys, ensuring that your documents are tailored to suit your precise requirements.

Best of all, Business Docs are available for one flat annual fee, no matter how many documents you generate. Our library is continually growing in size and scope. Big or small, your growing business can get the right legal coverage for the right price.

Lawyers love Business Docs too

Does your company have in-house counsel? Great! With SixFifty introducing business documents, lawyers love Business Docs too.

If your company does not yet have access to a large corporate and commercial legal document form base, or if you are unsatisfied with the scope or flexibility of your form base, SixFifty’s Business Docs will be a great fit for your company. Business Docs functions as a “GC toolkit” for small legal departments, enabling in-house attorneys to create corporate and commercial legal documents quickly, affording attorneys more time to focus on the important details that necessarily require their attention.

The easy-to-use Business Docs platform asks the right questions, incorporates the answers, and generates the final document in Microsoft Word, allowing your in-house counsel to easily modify or adapt language as needed. They can spend less energy on paperwork and focus their attention on more pressing (and interesting) legal matters for your business.

Subscribe or buy one at a time

SixFifty’s library of top-tier corporate and commercial documents is available as a subscription or à la carte in the new SixFifty Marketplace. What’s the difference, and which option is better for you?

It depends on the needs of your business. A Business Docs subscription allows for access to all documents, all iterations, all the time, while the Marketplace offers one-time à la carte purchases. So consider volume—if you’re generating several documents, or need several different iterations of the same document (such as a Master Services Agreement or an Independent Contractor Agreement), the cost per document will be significantly lower with a Business Docs subscription.

Additionally, Business Docs offers a consistently updated library, with new documents added on a continual basis. And you can take comfort in knowing that top lawyers are ensuring that each document stays current with emerging legal and regulatory requirements.

What if you start out purchasing individual documents on Marketplace, but realize you need the expanded functionality and flexibility of a Business Docs subscription? No problem! Contact us at sales@sixfifty.com, and we’ll apply the costs of what you’ve already purchased in Marketplace to the first year of your Business Docs subscription.

Whatever the size of your business, you can’t afford not to have access to full legal protection and documentation. Check out SixFifty’s Business Docs today, and stay covered with world-class documents, for one annual fee that’s a fraction of the cost of retaining outside legal counsel. Schedule a demo to check it out.