Privacy laws around the world are becoming increasingly complex. In the U.S., states like California, Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia, and Utah have passed data privacy regulations that affect how personal information is defined, collected, and used — and other states are following suit. In turn, does your company need a custom privacy policy?

Add GDPR compliance laws in Europe and PIPL compliance laws in China to the patchwork of U.S. compliance laws, and you have an obstacle course that even the most savvy small and midsize businesses find tricky to navigate.

Naturally, then, many of today’s small businesses are turning to the ol’ Google to keep up with privacy compliance. After all, privacy policy templates are just one click away. What could go wrong?

Honestly? A lot.

The privacy policy template dilemma

Privacy policy templates come in many shapes and sizes. And while this may seem like a benefit to the small or midsize business looking to stay compliant, it only adds to the difficulty of finding a template to meet the needs of a specific company.

By pulling a random template from the internet, most companies miss the mark, choosing a document that might not include all the disclosures required by privacy laws that apply to their business. These templates rarely achieve multi-state compliance, which is a must for businesses hiring a host of remote employees across the country.

Generally, the simpler a template is, the higher the risk of it being non-compliant. After all, privacy laws are vast and complex. They vary from state to state and country to country, and the laws apply to some businesses and not others. In short, there aren’t any universal privacy laws for every business — meaning a universal privacy policy template simply won’t cut it.

Going beyond privacy policy templates

Where privacy policy templates fall short, SixFifty steps in with the customized legal documents you need for privacy regulations around the world.

Our world-class legal technology relies on law-firm certainty and makes creating and maintaining a privacy policy simple and free of guesswork. We give you the resources, updates, and policy assessments you need to ensure compliance in every circumstance.

With SixFifty, you don’t just have a random privacy policy template. You get the right template, based on the unique needs of your business.

Here are three key reasons why SixFifty’s legal documents are worth the investment:

1. Customization for your unique business needs

Whereas privacy policy templates are static and one-size-fits-all, SixFifty’s contracts, policies, and documents offer customized legal language to generate legal documents just like a lawyer would — minus the length and expensive reviews with outside counsel.

Templates can only get you so far, and they’ll never reach the level of customization you can get with our top legal expertise and enterprise AI. Our customization engine offers an easy-to-use Q&A format that’s retrofitted to the state you’re in, and tailors your policy to every aspect of your business.

Ultimately, it takes the grunt work and guesswork out of privacy policies, giving you certainty, simplicity, and timeliness — at a price you can afford.

2. Top-tier legal expertise for the most complicated laws

We won’t beat around the bush: SixFifty is the cream of the crop. As a subsidiary of Wilson Sonsini, we have the best legal minds working to make the law easier to navigate.

Big corporations have lawyers to hold their hands through any court case, but the little guys are typically left trembling on their own. But have no fear! SixFifty equitizes the law by making the same high-quality documents used by the big dogs readily accessible to small and midsize businesses.

3. Real-time updates ensure compliance

When a law changes, companies that use templates have to scramble to do the legal research on their own — or find a new template that includes updated language. Yet oftentimes, the person updating the policy doesn’t even know what that new and necessary legal language is.

But don’t sweat it: SixFifty has your back. We keep a close eye on legal developments relating to employment and privacy law around the globe. We update our technology in real time, so your documents are always current and compliant.

World-class legal for every-size business

When you dabble in the world of privacy policy templates, you really don’t know what you’re getting. Some templates might work out for businesses working in one state, but if you’re aiming for multi-state compliance, privacy policy templates will most certainly fall short, whereas a custom privacy policy will not.

Luckily, SixFifty offers world-class legal expertise for every-size business. With SixFifty’s automated legal expertise platform, you can effortlessly write the legal language needed to protect your business. Our straightforward question-and-answer process is infinitely more efficient, timely, and affordable than the back-and-forth with outside counsel.

It’s time to take the hassle and guesswork out of privacy documents. Ensure compliance with constant monitoring by requesting a SixFifty demo today.