The post-COVID era has created a perfect storm that’s putting executives and in-house legal counsel under more pressure than ever before.

There’s the growing remote workforce, which offers as much opportunity as it does legal headache. On top of that, there are budget cuts due to an impending recession, ongoing supply chain issues, and increasingly complex privacy regulations—all of which fall on the shoulders of overburdened GCs and executives at companies without GCs.

Fortunately, today’s in-house attorneys and executives can leverage automation technology to alleviate the stress of time-consuming, routine corporate and commercial legal documents with Business Docs.

The challenges of in-house legal counsel

Derek Parry is SixFifty’s VP of Legal Product. Before overseeing the creation of SixFifty’s Business Docs, Parry spent years as in-house counsel with a bioplastics manufacturing company. So when it comes to understanding the challenges of the gig, he speaks from firsthand experience. 

“Lawyers don’t want to reinvent the wheel,” Parry said. “It’s silly that every time someone starts a business, the business needs to spend countless hours and resources creating a proper legal document library from scratch that satisfies the needs of that business.”

Parry says in-house counsel often spends far too much time on busywork that keeps them from doing what really matters. “They might spend two to three hours just setting up a basic framework on an agreement—all before focusing on the principal terms that are the real meat and potatoes of the legal document,” Parry said.

When budgets are tight, businesses are even less inclined to spend money on outside counsel. The results? You guessed it—the workload falls more heavily on GCs that are already stretched thin.

What is Business Docs by SixFifty?

Business Docs is a library of corporate and commercial legal document generators created with the real human expertise of the world’s top lawyers. It’s designed for companies large and small, with an affordable price point and the ability to customize and revise documents endlessly.

Parry notes that Business Docs was created because SixFifty clients were continually asking for help automating routine and standard corporate and commercial legal documents. And what could SixFifty do but deliver?

For companies that have an in-house counsel, Business Docs acts as a toolkit to free up GCs’ time and allow them to focus their efforts on the most important tasks. For companies that don’t have in-house counsel, Business Docs acts as a GC-in-a-box, helping non-lawyers draft compliant legal documents in a fraction of the time.

How Business Docs helps in-house counsel—and businesses without in-house counsel

SixFifty Business Docs is a game-changer for companies of all shapes and sizes. Here’s how the premium legal library helps with routine documents, complex documents, and custom agreements alike.

Routine documents

Routine documents like website NDAs, consulting agreements, and Master Services Agreements (MSAs) can be a major time sink for busy GCs. SixFifty makes it easy for in-house counsel to generate these documents quickly. And because SixFifty is drafted with non-legal users in mind, Business Docs can also empower sales teams to generate legal documents on their own, affording in-house attorneys more time to focus on the details that matter.

Complex documents

Complex documents often require businesses to hire outside experts—which takes an enormous amount of money and slows down the drafting process. But Business Docs is capable of generating many different types of large and complex legal documents. With SixFifty, outside counsel only needs to be retained for unique or outlier matters.

Custom agreements

When companies need a unique agreement, they have to draft it themselves. Most customizable forms simply don’t have the level of detail needed to meet their needs—until now. SixFifty’s custom agreement generator is set up with a basic question-and-answer format, so GCs can quickly whip up preamble, recitals, boilerplates, etc. All that’s left to do is draft the principal terms, cutting the task down from hours to minutes.

Legal documents made easy with SixFifty

When it comes to legal document automation, simply no product compares to SixFifty. Parry says that competing products create legal friction by producing excessively long documents that require an immense amount of time to whittle down.

“We cover all the most important topics without all the bravado,” Parry said. “We allow more customization down to specific business needs. You don’t need everything and the kitchen sink. You need a tool that offers just the right level of detail and control, without being overwhelming.

In short, Business Docs gives companies access to top-tier legal documents that are customized to their business, regardless of the size, industry, or budget. If you’re ready to save time, money, and resources on legal documents, schedule a demo today.