Today’s workforce is more remote, mobile, and diverse than ever before. While remote work has been gaining momentum over the past decade, the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly took the trend to new heights, with 25% of all jobs in North America predicted to be remote by the end of this year. And really, this new wave is just getting started. In turn, updated employment policies is a good idea. But, should you use free employment policy templates?

Drastic changes to the global workforce can be exciting, offering a host of new possibilities when it comes to hiring. But for every door that opens on the hiring front, a door on the employment law front gets, well…a lot harder to open.

The trouble with employment policy templates

In short, hiring employees in a bunch of different states is a legal labyrinthe. And though employment contract and policy templates can be helpful, they treat offer letters as if they’re one-size-fits-all—a risky mistake. Offer letters are highly specific to the state where your employee works, and writing a non-compliant letter can put your company at risk of violating state and federal laws.

From non-compete laws to non-disclosure provisions, there’s a lot that could go wrong when you’re writing your offer letter. In some states, your company can even face monetary penalties for violating restrictive covenant laws.

Take Washington, D.C., for example: the nation’s capital requires you to inform employees that non-competes are banned. And if you fail to do so, you could face a penalty of $350-1,000 per violation.

The solution: SixFifty’s customized employment documents

Offer letters are just one hurdle in the process of writing legally compliant employment documents—employee handbooks and other employment agreements are equally daunting.

So what you really need is a top employment law firm holding your hand through every step of the paperwork process. Too bad that’ll never happen…or will it?

Spoiler alert: Yes, with SixFifty, affordable, expert legal documents are completely accessible.

Though most employment templates just don’t cut the mustard, SixFifty will help you write all the customized employment documents you need to stay legally compliant in every jurisdiction in the United States.

Here are three key reasons why SixFifty is a no-brainer:

1. Top-tier legal expertise

With SixFifty, you don’t have to have a law degree to ensure that you’re keeping up with every new state employment law. We deliver the legal expertise of the nation’s top lawyers in user-intuitive software to help you create and maintain employment contracts, policies, and documents of the highest quality. The result? More than 60 policies that account for the law in every state, customized to your unique business needs.

2. Customization for every type of employment document

Whether you’re writing employment agreements, policies, or handbooks, you’ll find customizable documents that fit your business and comply with the latest laws. Our system asks you the same questions a lawyer would ask, then applies your answers to a custom document, whether you’re writing an offer letter, NDA, independent contractor agreement, or employee handbook. It’s like having the best employment lawyer in the world right by your side, every step of the way.

3. Real-time updates to ensure compliance

Don’t know what’s required in every state? No problem—we do. And we know the minute the laws change, too. So if you don’t want to be bogged down by the task of researching and tracking ever-changing employment laws, SixFifty can take away the headache. We offer free guides and webinars to help you understand the latest complicated employment laws, and we’ll even notify you when a law changes so you can regenerate your documents to stay compliant.

SixFifty: so much more than a template

Opting to use a free employment template from the internet is like playing a game of roulette. You can never be sure the document is the right fit for your business, and you’re taking a risk that could leave you vulnerable to lawsuits, fines, and other legal disasters.

Instead, play it safe with SixFifty. Our world-class legal technology will give you the expertise needed to be legally compliant, no matter how many states you’re hiring in. Our top-tier employment tools will take the stress out of employee handbooks, workplace policies, DEI policies, and more. Request a demo today.