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Employment 2.0

The employment documents you need for the post-COVID world

We worked with the top employment law firm in the nation to automate the employment paperwork you need to manage a workforce that is more remote, mobile, and diverse.

Whether you need an employee handbook, COVID-19 workplace policies, or to improve your diversity, equity, and inclusion, we can help.


Employment Handbook and Policies

We taught a computer to write employment polices like a lawyer would. The result is over 50 policies that account for the law in every state, customized to your business.

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COVID-19 / Hybrid Workplace Policies

We taught a computer to write back-to-work and hybrid workplace policies like a lawyer would. The results is the best set of employment docs for the new world.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We taught a computer to help you plan and implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion program at your company. The result is the best automated DEI guidance on the market.

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