Today, SixFifty announced the release of Employment 2.0, a new offering to help businesses manage the legal challenges raised by the future workplace. Employment 2.0 includes an automated employee handbook, automated COVID workplace policies (that cover pandemic regulations across the nation), hybrid working policies and tools, and inclusion policies and an assessment to help companies build a diverse and welcoming workforce

According to Kimball Parker, CEO of SixFifty, “Our goal is to build the definitive legal resource that companies can use to lay the foundation for a workforce that is remote, mobile, safe, and diverse.”

SixFifty worked with the employment experts at Wilson Sonsini to build and automate the legal toolset.  And, this new toolset includes automated employee handbooks, policies for hybrid working, COVID workplace regulations, and DEI.

Employment 2.0 includes several different types of legal tools:

  • Assessments – Employment 2.0 contains a series of assessments that help companies determine where they stand regarding specific areas of employment law.
  • Policies –  Employment 2.0 contains over 65 policies that address everything from COVID-19, to hoteling, to Zoom backgrounds, to sexual harassment. The policies account for the law in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Survey and Ticketing System –  Employment 2.0 contains a survey and ticketing system that companies can use to deploy policies and collect acknowledgements, screen employees for COVID-19, collect vaccination information, and receive complaints of harassment and inappropriate behavior. The ticketing system allows companies to catalogue this information and create workflows to ensure that issues are dealt with appropriately.
  • Monthly Updates – SixFifty updates Employment 2.0 every month to ensure the policies, assessments, and ticketing system are up to date with the current state of the law.

“It is important for businesses to lay the appropriate legal groundwork for the new way they arrange their workforce,” said Marina Tsatalis, employment law partner and the employment law practice group leader at Wilson Sonsini. “Our work with SixFifty enables businesses of all sizes to implement and maintain a comprehensive employment framework for today’s workplace that complies with the current state of the law in each of the states in which they have employees.”

SixFifty also plans to add legal tools to Employment 2.0 in the future, such as automated hiring paperwork for all 50 states as well as tools to help companies correctly classify their employees as exempt, non-exempt, and independent contractors. Employment 2.0 is the latest in a line of automated legal products that SixFifty has released.

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