SALT LAKE CITYJune 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SixFifty—the employment law platform for HR teams—announces today at the SHRM Annual Conference an expansion of its tools for consultants, agencies, and PEOs with the release of SixFifty Client Portals.

Client Portals provides a secure, white-label solution for HR consultants to manage document sharing and collaboration with their clients, built on top of SixFifty’s popular Employment Docs platform for automating state compliance research, document drafting, and ongoing legal updates.

“HR professionals, especially consultants, are expected to wear a lot of hats in their role,” said Kimball Parker, CEO of SixFifty. “And historically, employment law has been one of the most complex and time-consuming tasks of all. With Client Portals, we’ve made it simple to manage customized documents, policies, and agreements in one place. This will allow consultants to grow their employment compliance offerings and expertise—without relying on makeshift solutions or outsourcing to an employment attorney.”

As more and more HR professionals choose to offer freelance or consultancy services, Client Portals makes it easy to tap SixFifty’s database of world-class legal expertise to deliver superior services and build strong client relationships. Key features include:

  • Customizable branding on SixFifty’s platform to boost your credibility and presence with clients
  • Two-way sharing to give clients a centralized hub to access documents and answer questions you’ve assigned to them
  • 24/7 client portal access, eliminating the need for consultants to manually download, upload, and email documents
  • State and federal legal updates pushed directly into your document as the law changes

For more information, visit SixFifty during SHRM24 at booth #1841 for questions or a demo of the SixFifty platform.

About SixFifty

SixFifty is a technology company that makes employment law more accessible by automating world-class legal expertise. SixFifty’s compliance tools take on complex state-specific legal issues by providing a robust employment law database, and customized contracts, policies, and documents to HR teams. SixFifty continuously monitors the law to update you and your documents in real time. For more information, please visit

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