The life sciences industry is growing at a faster pace than ever before, with the global market for medical devices expected to reach $671.49 billion by 2027, and the global market for pharmaceuticals hitting $1.27 trillion in early 2022.

And though the industry has been on an upward trajectory for more than a decade, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed things into hyperspeed—creating a higher demand for new life sciences technologies, equipment, and skilled workers. SixFifty’s Business Docs offers world-class legal documents for the life sciences industry.

New legal challenges got you down?

Of course, with these rapid and exciting changes come new legal challenges. Life science companies stand at the front lines of innovation—meaning that experienced legal advisors are essential. From healthcare policies and FDA regulations to intellectual property considerations, having the right legal documents can make or break today’s life science organizations.

Understandably, many companies are overwhelmed by the prospect of staying legally compliant with developing laws and regulations. They’re dealing with material transfer agreements, advisory board agreements, consulting agreements with physicians and university employees…on top of ever-evolving rules and regulations that bring new meaning to the term “red tape.”

Sort through the legalese with SixFifty

Here’s where SixFifty comes in. Our automated corporate and commercial legal documents help life science companies sort through all the legal mumbo-jumbo to create airtight documents that meet the specific needs of the industry.

Whereas hiring outside counsel requires some serious time and money—resources that many growing organizations simply don’t have—SixFifty gives every-size business access to easy, affordable, world-class legal protection.

You’ll love SixFifty’s Business Docs

Whether you want to upgrade your current legal forms or start completely from scratch, SixFifty’s Business Docs give you access to top-tier legal expertise for a fraction of the cost.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll find when using Business Docs to create life science legal documents:

    • Save time. Our question-and-answer prompts drastically reduce turnaround time when creating operational agreements, strategic agreements, clinical trial agreements, and more.
    • Save money. Rather than relying on expensive outside legal counsel, use Business Docs to produce top-tier legal documents in-house, and on a budget.
    • Customize. Our proprietary technology walks you through a simple Q&A process to create legal documents like a lawyer would, so you can get the customized documents you need to protect your company.
  • Empower. SixFifty offers your in-house legal team the relief they need to focus on unique legal issues that arise rather than drafting and creating routine legal documents.

What sets SixFifty apart from the rest?

SixFifty isn’t just another company churning out legal documents. We’ve enlisted the legal expertise of some of the world’s best attorneys to help you effortlessly create legal documents tailor-made for your company.

Check out the reasons SixFifty stands out from the competition:

  • On-demand access: Our robust and dynamic legal library can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and we’re adding new documents all the time.
  • Real-time updates: We’re constantly monitoring applicable laws and regulations, so you don’t have to. Best of all, we’ll update you when something relevant changes.
  • Tailored to you: Our easy-to-use platform helps you generate a clean, legally compliant document that’s specific to your company.
  • Easy to edit: Business Docs are generated in Microsoft Word, which allows you to easily make modifications and edits when needed.

And if you think you should skip over SixFifty because you have in-house counsel, think again. Operating as a “GC toolkit,” SixFifty’s Business Docs expand your team’s form base and empower your attorneys to focus on more important matters. (Goodbye, routine paperwork!)

Get world-class business documents with SixFifty

Creating compliant, customized legal documents couldn’t be easier when you have SixFifty in your corner. Just answer questions about your business, generate your top-tier legal documents, and get real-time updates when laws change.

If you’re ready to protect your life sciences company with top-tier legal documents, check out SixFifty’s Business Docs today. Request a demo to see the magic in action.