Between licenses, non-disclosure agreements, commercial agreements, and more, today’s B2B SaaS companies face a minefield of legal agreements. As these SaaS companies scale, the legal challenges only compound, with privacy and security concerns creating an ever-present threat to the success of the business. SixFifty’s legal docs for B2B SaaS companies will help.

Top legal worries for the B2B SaaS industry

Even companies like Google aren’t immune to the challenges of compliance with data privacy laws. The company has already faced a $57 million GDPR infraction fine for not disclosing to users how data is collected. And unfortunately, small and midsize businesses don’t face any less risk: In fact, small businesses can face noncompliance fees of $3,000-150,000 per event.

In this state of affairs, it’s vital for the 15,000+ SaaS companies in the U.S. to get serious about legal protection. Most B2B SaaS companies are only one failed audit or data breach away from a devastating legal battle. And since US companies spend 160% more on litigation than other global businesses, it’s clear that the upfront cost is worth the investment.

Peace of mind with SixFifty Business Docs

But what if you could get top-tier legal documents from the world’s best lawyers at an affordable price? What if you could whip up watertight business contracts without the endless back-and-forth of outside counsel? What if your in-house GC actually had time to focus on important legal issues, rather than spending all their time on routine documents?

With SixFifty Business Docs, B2B SaaS companies can say goodbye to their legal woes. With our easy to use legal document generators, you can create legal documents customized to the needs of your company by going through the same questions and analysis used by attorneys.

So how does it work?

Creating legally compliant contracts, terms of use, and other business documents is a breeze with SixFifty. Follow our simple question-and-answer format to get a completely customized legal document, and maintain easy access for further modifications in Microsoft Word.

When your company needs to generate documents on a routine basis, you can subscribe to SixFifty and generate Business Docs as needed. You’ll save on the cost per document and get updates as the law or best practices change. If the laws change—no problem. We’ll notify you right away, so you can update your documents and stay on top of all B2B SaaS laws and regulations.

What’s not to love?

Whether you need to upgrade your existing legal document database or start from scratch, SixFifty’s Business Docs will make your life easier.

Here are are a few reasons you’ll love using Business Docs for your B2B SaaS agreements, contracts, and more:

  • Save time. Our question-and-answer platform significantly cuts down on the time it takes to create a compliant legal document, whether you’re dealing with warranties, disclaimers, intellectual property ownership, or limitations of liability.
  • Save money. Small and midsize B2B SaaS companies simply don’t have the budget for outside legal counsel. And with SixFifty, you don’t need to. You’ll get the legal expertise of the nation’s top lawyers to produce top-tier legal documents in-house, and on a budget.
  • Customize. Free legal templates you found online won’t cut it in the real world. Turn to SixFifty to customize your business docs in a way that actually protects your business.
  • Empower. Even if you have an in-house legal team, you don’t want them spending all their time drafting routine documents. Let them focus on important and unique business issues with the help of SixFifty.

Get world-class legal help from SixFifty

It’s time to rest easy. SixFifty ensures that you’re compliant, up-to-date, and ready for the fast-paced changes of the B2B SaaS industry. You won’t break the bank getting top-tier legal documents—and you won’t have to worry about heading to court with noncompliant documents, either.

Protect your business today with SixFifty’s Business Docs. Request a demo to see how the magic happens.