As businesses grow and expand, they make bigger profits, need higher headcounts—and also require more legal protection. But working with outside counsel is expensive, and spinning up reams of water-tight legal paperwork from scratch can take hundreds of valuable hours. In short: it’s more costly than a scrappy startup or a growing company might be able to bear.

That’s where SixFifty Marketplace comes in. Built for businesses that need legal documents without hiring an entire legal team, the Marketplace platform provides a one-stop shop for contracts, disclosures, policies, and more.

Generating a document on Marketplace is simple: once you select the document you need, you’ll create an account, answer a few questions to populate the required fields, select a payment method, and that’s it—you’ll get an email containing your complete document. The whole process takes minutes, instead of hours. Here’s why it works.

Access documents generated by top lawyers

Mistakes cost time, money, and trust. That’s why SixFifty relies on the work of top legal experts. When you purchase a document on SixFifty Marketplace, you can trust that it was generated using an engine that was built by some of the best lawyers in the country. You get instant access to blue-chip legal documents without the hassle of retaining a firm or recruiting in-house counsel and at an à la carte price.

Because they’re used to working on the cutting-edge of commerce, our team of legal experts stays up-to-date on new laws, shifting requirements, and updated regulations—so you’ll never be left in a legal lurch with outdated documents. The products on Marketplace will always reflect the latest developments in compliance and regulation, ensuring you won’t be caught flat-footed.

And it’s not just a generic template library—SixFifty Marketplace offers a strategic array of document generators, tailored to specific industries, and meant to suit any business need. With easy-to-navigate categorization and transparent pricing, you can locate what you need quickly and pay a flat per-use fee.

Lawyers love SixFifty Marketplace too

Keep in mind, we’re not saying that if you use SixFifty Marketplace, it’s time to fire your lawyer—quite the opposite, in fact. Your lawyer might love Marketplace more than anyone else on your team.

Because legal writing is so painstakingly precise, starting from scratch and covering every possible eventuality can eat up several hours of a lawyer’s time. That’s a painful pill to swallow, whether you have salaried counsel in-house, or you’re paying outside counsel by the billable hour. Plus, it eats up time and money you could spend elsewhere.

Without a fully staffed legal department, securing a second set of lawyerly eyes to look over an internally generated document can lead to additional paperwork and frustration. Confidentiality concerns, turnaround time, and more obstacles can jam up an already slow process.

SixFifty Marketplace spares your lawyer(s) the grunt work of typing out every piece of legalese from a blank page. Instead, they can browse through a full directory of options, select the right document generator, and tailor the document as needed from there. It’s quick and hassle-free, without sacrificing the quality and specificity you need in your legal paperwork.

Buy one at a time or subscribe?

SixFifty Marketplace offers products that suit a wide spectrum of pricing needs, from 100% free (yes, you read that correctly) non-disclosure agreements to a premium subscription-based service that allows you to generate multiple versions of the same document in one fell swoop. What’s the best choice for you?

It depends on what your business needs. If you’re looking for a one-time policy document that will cover all employees, such as sick leave policy or disciplinary procedures policy, you could find a single product on Marketplace, customize it as necessary, and be out the door with one flat payment.

But if you’re generating multiple contracts for disparate projects—including provisions that apply to some parties but not others—you might be better served by a Business Docs subscription that charges per month instead of per item.

SixFifty Business Docs is a suite of expert-level document generators that you can use to tailor documents to your needs, without paying expert-level lawyer salaries. And, just like the individual offerings on Marketplace, everything is continuously updated to match current compliance and regulation requirements.

And did we mention the free NDAs? Seriously, free.

Whatever legal documents you need to do business, SixFifty Marketplace has you covered. Take a look. Book a demo today!