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How To Build An Employee Handbook For Your Hybrid Workplace

Employment law has changed more in the past 18 months than in the previous 40 years. To add to the complexity, a record number of employees are telecommuting and moving to other states. Your business is required to provide a safe workplace, but what does that mean when some of your employees are back in the office, some are remote full-time, and many split their work weeks between home and worksites?

The best way to demonstrate your company’s compliance with ever-changing laws and guidelines, while keeping everyone on the same page, is an Employee Handbook that’s customized to your business. Join SixFifty on August 18th at 10am Pacific to learn how to build an employee handbook for your hybrid office.

Topics will include:

  • Employee health and vaccine status screening
  • Policies you may need to create or update
  • Addressing employee concerns about returning to worksites
  • Handbooks that are up-to-date and comply with federal, state, and local laws.
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New York Employment Policies - Employee Handbook

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Webinar Speakers

Marie Kulbeth, General Counsel, VP Legal Products

Marie Kulbeth is the General Counsel of SixFifty and the co-director of BYU LawX, a legal design lab dedicated to solving access to justice problems. Before SixFifty, Marie served as an assistant dean at BYU Law School, where she  built a diversity recruiting program. Her work with SixFifty and LawX shows that law can be less complicated, and more equitable for both companies and individuals. On the Legal Products side of our business, Marie concentrates her focus on Privacy and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Ryan Parker, Chief Legal Product Officer

Ryan Parker is a proud graduate of the University of Utah and the University of Michigan Law School. Ryan worked as Senior Trial Counsel at the Department of Justice and served as the Chief of Litigation at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence before joining SixFifty as the Chief Legal Product Officer.

Kimball Parker, CEO

Kimball Dean Parker is the CEO of SixFifty. He is also the Director of LawX, the legal design lab at BYU Law School. Kimball earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Chicago Law School and founded the innovation subsidiary of the law firm Parsons Behle & Latimer before starting SixFifty. .