Businesses have never faced a challenge like the past year. As the economy shows early signs of improvement, and vaccines provide hope for some return to normalcy, businesses need to update their policies and practices for the new way we work.

The webinar will cover which employment policies to focus on first Key considerations and risks Best practices and resources

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Webinar Speakers

Connor Christensen,

Legal Products Associate

Connor Christensen is a Legal Products Associate at SixFifty and is barred in the state of California. He graduated from J. Reuben Clark Law School where he participated in SixFifty’s legal design lab LawX where he worked on a tool to help asylum seekers. Since joining SixFifty he has been instrumental in creating SixFifty’s automated Employee Handbook and updating SixFifty’s Return-to-Work Toolset.

Ryan Parker,

Chief Legal Product Officer

Ryan Parker is a proud graduate of the University of Utah and the University of Michigan Law School. Ryan worked as Senior Trial Counsel at the Department of Justice and served as the Chief of Litigation at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence before joining SixFifty as the Chief Legal Product Officer.