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Draft the compliance paperwork you need to comply with the GDPR.

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There are many legal layers involved in complying with the GDPR. SixFifty’s Europe Privacy toolset can help.

Scale your privacy compliance in the EU

GDPR Internal Policy (for both Controllers & Processors)

These documents outline how your company will handle personal information from consumers. This is meant to be an internal document, so it should be available to individuals within your company.

GDPR Website Disclosures

This document discloses how your company handles personal information and what rights European consumers have under the law. You must post the text of this document on your website.

Standard Contractual Clauses Creator

This document includes the Standard Contractual Clauses for exporting data out of the EU/EEA to a country without an adequacy decision. This document acts as or works in conjunction with your Data Processing Agreement.

SCC Module Assessment

Unsure which of the four GDPR Standard Contractual Clause modules to use when exporting data out of the EU/EEA? This tool will help you figure it out.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

The document contains the analysis you need when you decide to use data for a purpose that is different from the purpose of why you originally collected it.

Legitimate Interest Analysis

This document contains the analysis you need when you decide to use “Legitimate Interest” as the legal basis for processing.

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