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    What you need to know before the November 1st, 2021 deadline

    China passed a new privacy law that goes into effect on November 1, 2021. SixFifty's free ebook explains what the new law is, how it will be enforced, who needs to comply, and how to comply.

    What is the PIPL?

    The Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) is a new Chinese privacy law targeted at organizations that collect data from people in China. The new law goes into effect on November 1, 2021 and carries large penalties that can reach up to tens of millions of dollars.

    How do we comply?

    To comply with China's new law, companies need to document their compliance, analyze the costs and benefits of how they handle data, and handle consumer requests. This mountain of compliance paperwork can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create... but not with SixFifty.

    Solutions for the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)

    We provide solutions in the following areas
    to help your organization comply with China's new law:

    GDPR Compliance Documents

    Compliance Documents

    Generate the policies, notices, and contracts you need to get ready quickly and affordably.

    GDPR Data Cost/benefit

    Data Cost/Benefit

    Analyze whether the benefits of how your organization handles data outweigh the costs.

    GDPR Consumer Requests

    Data Requests (Coming soon)

    Your customized system to collect, manage, and respond to data access requests.

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    SixFifty Employment 2.0

    How SixFifty Works

    We work with legal experts to teach a computer to write legal documents like a lawyer. And we update the documents as the law changes. The result is the best automated legal documents on the market. 

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