50 State Hiring Kit

Take the guesswork out of hiring on a state by state basis. Generate clean, easy-to-read documents that include actionable steps you must take in order to be legally compliant.


Every state, every requirement - no research required

The pivot to remote work has made it possible to hire stellar employees, no matter where they’re located. The responsibility is on your company to comply with each state’s requirements for:

  • Employment Registration
  • Tax Registration
  • Employment Policies
  • Employment Implications
  • Workplace Signage

SixFifty's 50 State Hiring Kit compiles each of these state requirements into an easy-to-read document with links and actions your company needs to consider, all within minutes.

General Counsel

Get notified every time a law changes

The process of maintaining compliance with state-specific employment laws and standards can be complex. We make it easy by providing notifications when a law changes and your documents need to be updated.


Hiring in a new state?

Fill out this form and we’ll send you a free step-by-step guide.

 Learn essential information such as:

  • - Meeting state registration requirements for employees in new states
  • - Updating employee handbooks to include required policies
  • - Tailoring offer letters and employment agreements to state laws
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