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From offer letters to employee handbooks—SixFifty allows startups to create the documents you need to hire and manage employees in all 50 states.

Documents for your business

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With the largest automated legal library of top-tier documents available, you get access to essential documents such as website privacy policies, master subscription agreements, terms of use, and more. Fully customized to your business and updated throughout the month.

Documents for your business

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You shouldn’t pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars an hour every time you need a routine legal document, and you can’t spend days researching the law to draft a basic contract. Streamline operations by having access to documents when you need them, and never pay more for a new document.

Startups 💜 SixFifty

“We were able to successfully create all of our employment agreements last night; thanks for your help on the quick turnaround. I also wanted to give you kudos on your platform. This is one of the slickest software platforms I have ever used. I was really impressed with the user experience and how easy it was to navigate with limited orientation. Great work!”

Sara Taylor
CFO - Engage Technologies Group - Series A Startup

“This is incredibly useful: I wanted to create legal forms for offer letters and employment agreements, and SixFifty walked me through a "TurboTax-like" interface that was completely transparent, and in less than 10 minutes of work I had generated 2 perfect legal forms. I would STRONGLY encourage any start-ups that need standard legal agreements to give this a try. Oh also—their team is great. Super helpful!”

Eric Rosenblim
Foothill Ventures

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Explore the documents included in your SixFifty for Startups legal library.

Hiring Docs
Employee Handbook
Separation Docs
Business Docs
50-State Hiring Kit

Everything you need to do to hire in a new state.

Offer Letters

Generate customized offer letters to hire anywhere.

Employment Agreements

Contracts that protect you and your employees.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Maximum flexibility to hire contractors when you need them.

Handbook Builder

Generate a customized employee handbook by selecting from over 50 policies that can be tailored to the laws of any state.

State Addenda

Quickly generate the required, state-specific policies for any state or D.C. to add as addenda to the company’s current handbook.

State Assessment

Evaluate which federal and state policies are required or optional based on the state(s) you select.

50-State Separation Kit

Learn everything you need to do to separate from an employee in any state.

Separation Acknowledgement

Document the details of the separation, while advising the employee of ongoing employment agreement obligations and fulfilling legal notice requirements.

Separation & Release Agreement

Generate a tailored separation agreement for employee departure, offering severance in return for releasing claims against the company.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Generate customized NDAs for General, B2B Saas, and Life Sciences companies.

Advisor, Consultant & Contractor Agreements

Generate the agreements you need to develop your team.

General Commercial Documents

Facilitate and record business transactions.

Negotiation Documents

Outline the terms, conditions, and obligations involved in a legal agreement or dispute settlement.

Governance, Equity & Finance

Establish and regulate the organizational structure, ownership rights, and financial matters within your company.

Amendments, Notices & Consents

Formalize and document changes, notifications, and required consents in your legal agreements.


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