More than a generic employee handbook template

Backed by Wilson Sonsini, we have the best legal minds helping you customize your handbook to every policy you need to be compliant. With over 60 customizable policies for all 50 states – we will make sure your company is covered.

Spend less time on the law, and more time towards your business

Our technology saves you time and money by sending you updates when you need make a change to your employee handbook. Hiring in a new state? We’ll tell you what policies are required and you can update your handbook in minutes.

What's included

Handbook builder

This tool generates a customized employee handbook by selecting from over 50 policies that can be tailored to the laws of all 50 states and D.C.

Policy Builder

Every employment policy under the sun, catered to all 50 states, and customizable to your business.
It’s the best set of employment documents for 2023, hands down.

  • Introductory policies
  • Work schedule and accommodation policies
  • Timekeeping and payment policies
  • Hybrid workplace policies
  • Employee conduct policies
  • Employment policies
  • Operational policies
  • Benefits policies
  • Health and safety leave policies
  • Civil service leave policies
State addenda

This assessment helps your company evaluate which federal and state policies are required or optional based on the state(s) you select.

Real-time updates

Our team of expert lawyers are constantly monitoring state and federal laws to make sure our policies are always up to date. We will notify you when your handbook goes out of date and you need to make an update to stay compliant.

Why should I use SixFifty instead of hiring a law firm?

Legal firms can be unpredictable with a high-dollar expense. Sixfifty gives you exactly what you need for your employee handbook and employment documents without having to hire a whole firm.

Law Firm
=Law Firm
Predictable pricing
Always up-to-date

Loved by HR, legal and business leaders

“SixFifty allows me to focus on more of the strategic areas of my job…we work with a lot of startups to create their foundation of HR processes, policies, et cetera…using a tool like SixFifty has allowed us to do that a lot faster.”

Sarah Wilkins
COO, Reverb

“The value of what we’re getting with SixFifty is so great. It’s the legal tool we use for all of our contracts, onboarding, offboarding—anything that has to do with employment at Hatch. And it keeps us compliant and up-to-date.”

Melanie Wagner
Head of People Operations, Hatch

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