COVID-19 vaccine policies and resources

We taught a computer to draft a vaccine policies like a lawyer would. Zenefits Advisory Services Customers get this policy for free.

All Zenefits customers get promotional pricing.

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Watch SixFifty's Vaccine Webinar

This webinar addresses 1) what an employer can require, 2) what a vaccine policy should include, and 3) when the policy can be put in place.

Other SixFifty employment policies

We worked with the nation's top technology law firm to teach a computer to write employment policies like a lawyer. Whether you need to (1) draft an employee handbook or specific policies, (2) manage your COVID-19 risks, or (3) increase your diversity and inclusion, SixFifty can help.

Employee Handbook and Policies

Over 50 policies customizable to your business. You can generate them at once in a handbook, or create them a-la-carte .

Managing COVID Risks

We help you assess your back-to-work readiness and generate the back-to-work policies and other documents you need.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We help you assess your diversity and inclusion efforts and build a plan to make progress.

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