Helping Zenefits Customers Comply with California's COVID-19 Regulations

California's OSHA requires employers to (1) adopt a Written COVID-19 Prevention Program (2) train their employees on the virus, and (3) collect vaccination information of their employees. SixFifty is a one-stop shop to comply with these new COVID-19 laws. 

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What are California's new COVID-19 regulations?

California’s Department of Industrial Relations’ Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (Cal/OSHA) updated their emergency temporary standard relating to COVID-19. Governor Newsom them ratified the update, making them effective immediately. 

Who do the new regulations apply to?

The regulations apply to employers that will have employees working onsite in California. Any organization in California that has employees working from the office must comply.

What do the new regulations require?

California's OSHA requires employers to (1) adopt a Written COVID-19 Prevention Program(2) train their employees on the virus, and (3) collect vaccination information of their employees.

Cal/OHSA Compliance Assessment

Complying with Cal/OSHA's Emergency Regulations doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or stressful. We'll help you identify what you need to do.

Return to work policies and forms from SIxFifty
  1. Create a SixFifty account

    Once you purchase, you’ll be able to access the assessment and the other return-to-work tools.

  2. Answer questions about your business

    We’ll use your answers to generate a Cal/OSHA Compliance Assessment customized to your business.

  3. Generate and download your Cal/OSHA Compliance Assessment

    We provide your Cal/OSHA Compliance Assessment as a downloadable Microsoft Word document.

Customizable Cal/OSHA Documentation

SixFifty offers world-class legal policies and other documentation to help your organization show your compliance with Cal/OSHA. Don’t pay tens of thousands of dollars to have an attorney draft your Cal/OSHA policies from scratch. We worked with the best employment attorneys in the world to automate what you need.

Cal/OSHA Compliance Assessment

This assessment will review some key questions regarding your compliance with Cal/OSHA's new regulations and produce a document that will provide guidance on how to move forward.

COVID-19 Prevention Plan

The policy covers how your employees should act in accordance to the new Cal/OSHA Emergency Regulations. The policy also includes a certification that employees have read and understand the policy.

Identification of COVID-19 Hazards

This document covers the places, things, and situations within a workplace that could potentially spread COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Case Documentation

These documents outline the facts and circumstances surrounding positive COVID-19 cases in the workplace. For individual infections, companies must investigate and document the facts and circumstances of the infection. For more widespread infection, different policies are required.

Tracking Vaccines and the Daily Health of Your Workforce

In order to comply with Cal/OSHA, you need to ensure that contagious individuals stay home and quarantine. We’ve developed a daily online questionnaire that you can deploy to your workforce to help ensure that sick employees don’t come to the office. The employee reports are logged, categorized, and organized to enable individuals or small teams to manage and track them at scale.

employers using the return to work product from SixFifty

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    In order for the solution to work best, we’ll need to have a 5-minute conversation to properly set it up.

  2. Upload a logo and customize questions

    We’ll want it to look on-brand and to match the tone of your business.

  3. Send the link to employees

    Place this link wherever your employees consume information from your company. We’ll take care of it from there.

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