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SixFifty is a group of expert lawyers, engineers, and creatives dedicated to making the law easier to navigate and manage. We expect more from technology so we've created solutions that help companies spend less time worrying about laws and more time growing their business.

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The law is inaccessible

And it’s a problem. There are millions of pages of statutes--and millions of court cases interpreting those laws. Different locations have different rules. It can vary from city to city, court to court, and judge to judge.

It’s nearly impossible for a regular person to sort through this maze of rules and regulations to figure what is required. For people who can’t afford an attorney, the situation can feel hopeless.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Not everything complicated is inaccessible. The microchip in the iPhone 8 has 4.3 billion transistors, capable of processing 10 billion instructions per second. Our children, however, can navigate an iPhone. We want to make the law easier to navigate. Wilson Sonsini has some of the best minds in the law.

What's our method?

Identify a troublesome area

The law is complex, we aim
to simplify it.

Research the issue

We put ourselves in the shoes of those who experience the issue.

Brainstorm solutions

Everything is on the table. We let the
best ideas rise to the top.

Build thoughtful prototypes

We validate the idea by building
simple solutions.

Test and learn

We let real users try the prototype to see what needs to be changed.


We’ll build as many meaningful
products as we can.

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Our Method

The law is complex, we create tools that simplify it. We put ourselves in the shoes of people experiencing real legal issues and we design, develop, and validate SixFifty solutions.

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