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How It Works

Answer a few questions

Hello Landlord walks you through a series of questions about your rent or the conditions in your home or apartment.

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Hello Landlord takes your answers and
creates a letter specific to your situation
and needs.

Take action

Download your document and send it to your landlord. You're more likely to get the help you need if you do. Nice and easy, right?

Missed rent?

If you’ve missed rent, don’t bury your head in the sand. Evictions can stay on your record and make it difficult to find a place to live in the future.

The good news? Your landlord is more likely to work with you than you think.

We’ve found that writing a simple note explaining your situation reduces the likelihood that your landlord will evict you. We’ll help you write a letter to your landlord that can help you avoid eviction.

Need repairs?

You have the right to live in a decent house or apartment. If there are major issues with your rental, such as (1) no heat, (2) no water, (3) mold, (4) rodents, etc., you need to notify your landlord right away. This can help preserve your legal rights.

We’ll help you write a letter to your landlord that clearly asserts your complaints. Your landlord is more likely to help if you communicate your issues.

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Hello Landlord is a free tool created to help you document and take action for the help you need.