CCPA Training


Our training course breaks the CCPA down into easily digestible, short video segments followed by brief knowledge checks. Our automation system will track the progress of each employee through the CCPA training program. Have your own training environment? No problem—the trainings can easily be deployed on any platform.


More Affordable.

We offer affordable trainings on a per seat basis. If you have a large organization and need something deployed in your training environment, we will work with you on a custom price that fits your needs. And if the CCPA changes, we adapt and push out the new training at no extra cost.


Tired of deadpan lecturers and slow-paced videos that drag on, using up valuable time? Our trainings use engaging animation and are broken down into quick, 1-2 minute segments that allow employees to digest and complete the training quickly.

Test Drive

Here's a look under the hood. No talking heads or boring slides. Quick and easy trainings broken into memorable videos. Each video is followed by questions to help solidify your CCPA knowledge.


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