SixFifty Partnership Resources

Register deals, refer leads, find marketing collateral, and learn more about SixFifty. So that you can make more money and make your clients happy.

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Refer a lead

Use this form if you're referring a lead to SixFifty. We will get in contact with them and provide a demo with a SixFifty representative. This form is primarily used by SixFifty affiliates.

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Co-marketing collateral

These are resources for your clients and prospects. Marketing collateral for co-branding can be found here, including: white papers, product overviews, infographics, and SixFifty brand assets (logos, colors, and fonts).

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Sales Resources

These are resources for you and your team. Log in with your SixFifty password to access: product details, training videos, sales decks, and talk tracks.

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