Return to Work Responsibly

Employers have never faced a challenge like COVID. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. We partnered with the employment experts at Wilson Sonsini to help you (1) assess your back-to-work readiness, (2) generate the back-to-work policies and other documents you need, and (3) track employee health so you can keep sick employees at home.

Our solution also includes documents to support telecommuting and a hybrid workforce. 

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return to work during covid

Return-to-Work Assessment

We’ve thought through some of the key issues to consider when returning your workforce to the office. We’ll run you through some questions regarding your business and give you guidance to help you cover the bases.

Return to work policies and forms from SIxFifty
  1. Create a SixFifty account

    Once you pay, you’ll be able to access the assessment and the other return-to-work tools.

  2. Answer questions about your business

    We’ll use your answers to give you tailored information about transitioning your employees back to the office.

  3. Generate and download your assessment

    We provide your assessment in Microsoft Word so you can use it to improve your readiness.

Customizable Return-to-Work Policies

Don’t pay tens of thousands of dollars to have an attorney draft your return-to-work policies from scratch. We worked with the best employment attorneys in the world to automate what you need. SixFifty’s return-to-work documentation includes:

Return to Work - Assessment

This assessment will review some key questions regarding your back-to-work readiness and produce a document that will provide guidance on how to move forward.

Temporary Employee Relocation Policy
Return to Work - Policy

The policy covers how your employees will return to the workplace once authorities loosen COVID-19 restrictions. The policy also includes a certification that employees have read and understand the policy.

Telecommuting Policy

This policy covers how your organization allows employees to work from home. This is a stand-alone policy that can function after the coronavirus pandemic as well.

Video Conferencing Policy
Reimbursement Policy

This policy covers how your organization reimburses employees for expenses incurred while working from home or from other changes required by the coronavirus. This policy is meant to function during the coronavirus pandemic, not afterward.

Return to Work - Employee Questionnaire

This questionnaire collects the information you need from your employees on a daily basis to ensure that contagious individuals do not come to work.

Personnel Files Policy
  • This policy articulates what information will be kept in employees’ personnel files, the need to keep personnel files current, and how to update personnel files. It clearly communicate that confidential medical records, including COVID-19 vaccination status, will be maintained separately from personnel files.
Travel Policy

This policy covers how your organization manages your employees' travel during the outbreak of the coronavirus. This policy is meant to function during the coronavirus pandemic, not afterward.

Sick and Family Leave Policy

This policy covers how your organization allows Emergency Paid Sick Leave during the COVID-19 outbreak. This policy is meant to function during the coronavirus pandemic, not afterward.

Desk Hoteling Policy

Employee Return-to-Work Survey

This questionnaire collects the information you need from your employees to determine whether they are ready and willing to return to work.


Tracking the Daily Health of Your Workforce

In order to return to work safely, you need to ensure that contagious individuals stay home. We’ve developed a daily online questionnaire that you can deploy to your workforce to help ensure that sick employees don’t come to the office. The employee reports are logged, categorized, and organized to enable individuals or small teams to manage and track them at scale.

employers using the return to work product from SixFifty
  1. Connect with us to set up

    In order for the solution to work best, we’ll need to have a 5-minute conversation to properly set it up.

  2. Upload a logo and customize questions

    We’ll want it to look on-brand and to match the tone of your business.

  3. Send the link to employees

    Place this link wherever your employees consume information from your company. We’ll take care of it from there.

Europe and Israel

SixFifty has partnered with international law firm Taylor Wessing in Europe and with the law firm Meitar in Israel to deliver Return-to-Work tools tailored to local laws and guidelines.

SixFifty's Return to Work and COVID tools are available now in the UK and Israel, with support for additional European countries coming soon. Organizations in the UK and Israel can access Return to Work today by clicking "get a quote" below.

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