Sales Development Representative

If you have hustle, heart, and great communication skills, SixFifty’s SDR role may be the perfect fit.

You’ll help SixFifty identify potential customers, communicate with them by phone and email, and be the first point of contact for those who’d like to meet with our sales team.

SDR is a great first step toward a career in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and other roles at SixFifty. As a Sales Development Representative, you’ll have opportunities to work on a variety of projects with these teams, and you’ll have many career options available to you. Members of our Product Management, Customer Success, and Marketing leadership teams all began their SixFifty careers as SDRs.

SixFifty prioritizes employee health and well-being. Due to COVID, we’ve taken precautions to provide a safe working environment. If you have reservations about working in an office, let us know.

Employment Terms — full time at our HQ in Midvale, Utah

As a Sales Development Representative at SixFifty, you will:
  • Use networking and sales tools to find new prospective customers that match SixFifty’s target customer profile.
  • Call and email prospective customers to determine whether SixFifty would be a good fit for their business. 
  • Learn how to manage and create Salesforce reports
  • Talk with prospective customers who have requested more information about SixFifty
  • Set and achieve sales goals that help SixFifty grow its revenue. 
This job might be a fit if you:
  • Embrace fun, and fast-paced, collaborative teams
  • Are able to work independently, but yet function well collaboratively
  • Think strategically and consider your audience
  • Have strong opinions, loosely held
  • Subscribe to the idea that “a good plan, executed well now, is better than a perfect plan next week
  • Have experience successfully working in sales or marketing
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

If you're interested, email your resume to ransom@sixfifty.com or use the button below.

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