Easy for you. Trusted for clients.

Up your compliance game

Become a trusted compliance source for your clients with a law-firm backed solution, ensuring you provide accurate and reliable guidance to clients.

Avoid risk

Get detailed, step-by-step guidance on state and local employment law compliance with SixFifty, helping you avoid risk for your clients.

Expand business offerings

Offload compliance work and deliver top-quality HR services, freeing up time for other tasks.

Eliminate manual work

You're automating legal compliance tasks and streamlining document collaboration, sharing, and storage in one place—eliminating the need for external tools—ensuring a seamless workflow for you and your clients.

SixFifty takes the burden out of maintaining HR compliance


Guide clients through state laws & policies

With access to federal and jurisdiction-specific employment regulations, policies, and legal updates—you can be a reliable source of information for your clients.

  • Make informed hiring decisions
  • Compare states side-by-side
  • Verified by a world-class legal firm

Draft law-firm quality docs you're proud of

Just answer simple questions, and let SixFifty do the heavy legal lifting. We’ll guide you step-by-step to create foolproof Employee Handbooks, Employment Agreements, Policies, and more.

  • Can’t answer a question? Assign it to your clients through using portals
  • Easily track changes and audit docs with Version History

Keep up with changing laws and easily implement them

Receive legal updates and alerts when it’s time to take action on your documents. Leverage AI to apply legal updates to your personalized documents — in one click.

  • Legal updates from our in-house legal team

Give clients a collaborative, personal experience

Your brand deserves the spotlight. With Client Portals, share SixFifty documents and collaborate with clients in a secure, branded environment.

  • Customize the branding on your client portals
  • Minimize time spent on document exchange
  • Easily share and gather information

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Sabrina Louisa Consulting

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