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Our system asks you the same questions a lawyer would ask when building an employee handbook. We’ll use your answers to give you tailored information about what policies you need and generate a state-specific, customized document.

How it works

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Only need a single-state employee handbook for now? If you hire in a new state or want to upgrade to the 50-state employee handbook builder, we will apply the purchase price of your single-state handbook to your annual subscription.

Looking for a multi-state handbook?

Single-State Employee Handbook FAQs

Don't wait any longer to get the guidance and protection your business needs. Generate your employee handbook today and give your employees the tools they need to succeed with over 70+ optional policies.

Who should purchase the single-state employee handbook?

Our employee handbook builder is a fantastic option for companies of all sizes.

Whether you are operating a 20-person start-up or a 500-person business – if your employees are only located in one state- this handbook offers an affordable way to build a document with the necessary policies from scratch.

How does the single-state employee handbook builder work?

The questions to create your handbook are divided into four parts.

First, we’ll ask you questions about the jurisdiction where you have employees. This part can range from 2 – 7 questions depending on where your employees are located.

Second, we’ll ask you questions to determine which policies you want to include in your handbook. This part contains 11 questions.

Third, we’ll ask you a series of questions that will help us to customize the policies you selected. This part can range from 1 – 43 questions depending on the policies you’ve selected.

Fourth, we’ll ask you about whether you want to include your company’s mission statement and values in your handbook.

Once you’ve finished the four sections, you’ll be ready to generate and review your customized employee handbook.


How many times can I create my single-state employee handbook?

Once you create an account you will be able to start the question and answer flow.

If you need to stop at anytime you can return to the question and answers by logging back into your account. Once you complete your document, you will not be able to start the questions over again.

If you need to re-download your finished document you can come back to your account and resend the Word file to your email.

Can I edit my employee handbook after downloading?

You will receive your finished document after payment in a Word format for easy editing.

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