“I am a human because I belong. I participate, I share.”
– Desmond Tutu, Nobel Prize winner

SixFifty builds partnerships on the idea that businesses succeed as they participate and share with each other. A successful partnership requires that we elevate each other – and thereby become greater than either could be alone.

SixFifty partnerships span multiple market segments including human resources management and consulting, employment law, data privacy platforms, venture capital, insurance brokerages, and professional employment organizations. SixFifty’s partnership program adds value and helps to elevate your business in four impactful ways.  

  • SixFifty helps partners close more deals.
    SixFifty provides tools and resources at a discount to your customers, or you can leverage our tools to increase your offerings. This makes your position more valuable in the short-term and more competitive for future opportunities. Our tools are assets in your negotiations.
  • SixFifty partners build stronger relationships.
    SixFifty’s solutions are constantly updated in real time, making our contracts, policies, and documents always up-to-date so yours can be too. As a trusted asset written by the nation’s top lawyers, our products engender trust with your customers. They can rest assured that our partnership will support them through all legal updates.
  • SixFifty helps partners generate new leads.
    SixFifty’s automation process allows in-house legal or HR teams to decrease the time spent on research and document creation by half. Your company can leverage these savings to generate new business.
  • SixFifty partners receive insider access.
    Knowing how to navigate the changing legal landscape is difficult. SixFifty’s solutions are appealing to our clients because they are created by the country’s top lawyers. A partnership with SixFifty gives your organization access to joint webinars, marketing, and events that will keep them in-the-know.


Often in business, everyone works apart–survival of the fittest. However, even Darwin admitted that the fittest are often those that cooperate–becoming a part of each other. A partnership with SixFifty is not just about survival; it creates cooperation and success.

SixFifty can help you to build stronger relationships with your customers. Our Privacy toolset can help your customers to determine how to handle their organization’s data, and our Employment Agreements toolset helps companies to create contracts, policies, and documents that comply with the law in every jurisdiction. With SixFifty’s solutions in your toolbox, your customers will look to you with trust. To learn more about SixFifty’s partnership program, schedule a meeting with our Partnerships team!